4 Facebook Features You Should Be Using By Now

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Facebook has become an essential tool for expanding a brand’s online presence. Apart from having a standalone website, brands should also have a working Facebook page to get the most of their digital marketing campaign. If you still haven’t tapped into the social networks, it is high time to do so.

Not all those who already have Facebook pages, however, are able to make full use of its features. You can reach more users and engage more followers if you know which tools to use. It would be a huge mistake not to integrate these features to your digital marketing campaigns, particularly now that more brands are using the social network as a primary platform for their online marketing efforts.

Take a look at the following Facebook features you should be using by now:

Highlight Posts

Along with the introduction of the Timeline, Facebook launched the “Highlight Posts” feature to bolster follower engagement. The feature allows the page administrator to emphasise or highlight a post by increasing its size up to width of the timeline. This makes the posts easy to notice and easier to distinguish from other posts.

Pin Posts

“Pin Posts” come in handy especially when you are hosting an event. The feature allows you to “pin” posts at the top of your timeline for a week. Every time a user visits your page anytime that week, the pinned posts are the first things they see.

Promote Posts

For a small fee, “Promote Posts” increases the audience reach of your posts by up to 75%. This is important, as you can plug a new promotion or campaign without having to rely on individual shares and “likes.”

Cover Photos

Cover photos might seem like just another addition to the visuals on your page, but they are valuable, especially if you want to make an impression. The cover photo is your means of attracting new followers right away. It is also another opportunity to reinforce your branding in a more creative way.

Facebook has clearly come a long way from being a mere collegiate social network. Now, it is a business tool that can use to take your brand to new heights. If you want to maximise the full potential of your page, contact us now. We provide comprehensive social media marketing and SEO services.

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