A Different Perspective on Social Media

Many look at social media as a tool used simply to amount quite the following on the Internet. Now is the time, however, to rethink this mindset and look at it not as a tool, but as a mindset. It’s less about what you post on Facebook or your number of Twitter followers; it’s more about the connections you are able to build in your attempt to create value and meaning.

21st Century Mindset

It’s too easy to look at social media as a tool because it began that way. It began as a platform for amassing followers, creating your niche and staying on top of your competitors. Strategist Erica Dhawan instead pushes for connectional intelligence, a skill we use in social media management, as a necessary mindset in today’s connected era.

The Importance of Connection

Social media, first and foremost, was built to establish connections. Given the competitive ropes of digital marketing and SEO, however, it has lost its origin and became a means of building a following and maintaining an image. It’s high time to reconsider the frenzy of popularity and turn to the importance of connections. Only after you’ve gained a concrete understanding of that can you start with solutions.

Connect the Dots

Connections seem like a luxury to social media teams that are constantly busy and on the move. When done correctly, however, these connections can speed up the rate with which you solve problems and find solutions. Technology is a series of dots spread out in different venues and platforms. Once you find within them a connection, between information, language, and culture, you get your answer.

More than answers, you get solutions. Here at SEO Services Australia, we believe we can give you the solutions you are looking for. When it comes to the competitive landscape of SEO, it’s crucial you strategize and internalise. Let our team of experts help you out. Whether it’s about your social media mindset or your web development, we deliver.

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