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Digital marketing is an evolving landscape. If you are not up-to-date with recent trends and algorithm changes, you miss out on valuable marketing opportunities. SEO Services Australia keeps you in the loop on the latest news on SEO, social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing.

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11 Apr 2014
Time to Reset: Refresh Your Paid Search Campaigns for Better Results
Search Marketing
The online market evolves constantly and rapidly, and so do the processes related to online marketing. With all the changes taking place, …
24 Mar 2014
Five Common Local SEO Pitfalls to Avoid
Content Marketing
All commercial websites today need their own web presence, as the world continues to put everything online. Small businesses continue to turn …
10 Mar 2014
Adding Social Media to Your Local SEO Strategy
Social Marketing
By now, many brands with local SEO campaigns know how important business listings and online directories are. These are essentially the lifeline …
28 Jan 2014
How Online Marketing Help Lawyers
Search Marketing
A business proverb says you should never lose customers; you should always be on the lookout for effective methods of getting them, …
20 Jan 2014
Of SEO and Multimedia: Making Visual Content Engine-Friendly
Content Marketing
Marketers often say that for effective SEO for small businesses, you have to establish your brand online. There are many ways to …
20 Dec 2013
Optimise Holiday Ad Campaigns with Ad Extensions
Content Marketing
The holidays are one of the busiest seasons for ecommerce websites. Millions of consumers are looking and shopping for gifts using different …
17 Dec 2013
Digital Marketing Strategies to End the Year with a Bang
Social Marketing
The year 2013 has been eventful for brand owners and marketing professionals alike. With the several changes in the industry, many can …
21 Nov 2013
How will an Outdated Reputation Strategy Cost You?
Social Marketing
It’s time to improve your online reputation management strategy or suffer the consequences. While the search world keeps changing, most businesses still …
15 Nov 2013
Refreshing Your E-Commerce Site
Social Marketing
A significant component of your e-commerce strategy is to tidy up the website and revamp some parts on a regular basis. This …