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Digital marketing is an evolving landscape. If you are not up-to-date with recent trends and algorithm changes, you miss out on valuable marketing opportunities. SEO Services Australia keeps you in the loop on the latest news on SEO, social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing.

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11 Jun 2018
The Evolution of Google and What It Means for SEO
Search Marketing
Going back in time, not everyone would have predicted the vast impact search engine optimisation (SEO) would have on marketing. With the …
15 May 2018
Increase Traffic and Conversion with Expert Social Proof
Web Design
At a time where public opinion and reviews are more trusted than advertisements, more businesses are integrating the concept of social proof …
15 Apr 2018
The Growing Popularity of Voice Search and Its Effect on Your Website
Search Marketing
Many science fiction shows and movies like Star Trek and Iron Man have toyed with the possibility of voice-controlled equipment. These films …
23 Mar 2018
Boosting Online Presence Using Social Media Marketing
Social Marketing
Search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing have many things in common. Both are inbound strategies that deal with building a …
28 Feb 2018
The Positive Effect of Semantic Search on SEO
Search Marketing
In the past, pretty much anyone can claim to be an SEO professional – all they have to do is to post …
12 Feb 2018
Why Thin Content is Out and Thick Content is In
Content Marketing
Long web copies with strategically placed keywords and rich content rank higher in search engine pages than shorter web copies, says a study …
8 Feb 2018
Content Strategies that Boost Your E-Commerce Website
Content Marketing
E-commerce is heavily reliant on visibility – without traffic to your website, you can’t hope to convert to sales. Search engine optimisation …
4 Jan 2018
Look Out for These Digital Marketing Trends This 2018
Search Marketing
The Internet has become a regular part of almost everyone’s daily lives. Every year, Internet usage around the world increases and without …
15 Dec 2017
Your Restaurant’s Recipe to Local SEO Success
Search Marketing
Local search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies are helpful in improving a restaurant’s online marketing efforts. For Entrepreneur magazine, restaurants are one of …