Cancellation Policy

SEOReseller operates strictly on a performance basis.  Our clients, with the exception of a few services such as Website Development, are not generally tied into contracts for our marketing services.

As such, we operate on a pre-paid subscription basis.

As a general rule, cancellations precede payment and therefore cancellations are typically not allowed once the commencement of a campaign or project have started.

However, in certain cases, we will receive cancellation requests.  Because a lot of work goes into the planning, strategy and content of a marketing campaign, the company ypically begins work even prior to the payment in preparation for the launch.  When campaigns cancel after payment, all this work is charged to the account of the client.

Under this policy:

  • Cancellations may be requested only within the 10 day window prior to the launch of a campaign.
  • The Client agrees that no refund shall be given arising from cancellations requested after the launch date.
  • Cessation of work for Project websites may be requested, and the remaining work may be allocated to another Project URL.
  • SEOReseller reserves the right to first allocate any remaining budget to services that may benefit any other url belonging to the client
  • Cancellations must be documented by an e-mail from the official account owner

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