Enhancing Your Content Strategy

Now is the perfect time to update your content strategy. We’ve experienced many algorithm changes in the first half of 2013. We’ve also seen how SEO trends have come and gone.

We’ve also determined that inbound marketing is here to stay. To ensure your success on the Internet, include these methods to your overall content strategy:

Creating Topic-Modelled Content

inbound marketing

Google no longer just looks at your keywords, their density, and their placement. After the recent Penguin updates, the search engine giant now looks at the context of the article through the recurring words. It also looks at the topic and the general intent of the piece.

If your article is about social media marketing, words such as “Facebook,” “social network,” and “SEM” should appear throughout piece. You should also choose interesting and relevant topics relating to it, such as privacy, UI revamps, and recently added features.

Building Authority Links

Your website shouldn’t be the only page linked on your content. Links in authoritative publications now count. Citing sources do not just show readers where you base the information, but also makes your articles more reliable.

Apart from outgoing links, there should also be editorially given links to your articles. These would often come from writers who are industry experts themselves. This strategy will put your website in a better position, as it helps establish your business as an authority.

Choosing the Right Placement

Today, it’s not enough that you produce top quality content. If online users don’t even know they exist, they are worthless. This is why you need to place your content on authority websites and influential networks. They can help maximise your exposure and establish your brand.

Expanding Your Content

There are other types of content that you can provide to online readers. Magazine features, press releases, and interviews are now effective in delivering value to online readers.

Rich media and videos are forms of content worth exploring. Compared to written articles, these are not as widely used and can give you great leverage. These types of content are also more flexible and hold more potential to go viral in the World Wide Web.

If you need help with the content strategy of your digital marketing, follow these tactics or contact us here at SEO Services Australia. Our company will be more than happy to help you secure success for your business.

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