Essential Things to Remember During Mobilegeddon

Google recently rolled out its most highly anticipated algorithm update, and everyone is waiting to feel its full effects. Chances are good that there will be some measure of panic once the rankings reflect the changes, but any negative reaction to such results are unwarranted and even unprofessional. Google gave all kinds of warnings and blog posts telling everyone what to expect, so nothing should come as a surprise.

No Big Screens Allowed

There is definitely cause for concern in some areas, but that’s only if webmasters forget what Google already said about the update. First, the update only affects results from mobile devices; rankings on tablets and desktops will stay the same.

Under normal circumstances, or rather the circumstances from two to three years ago, nobody would even pay attention to something like this.But that’s not the world people live in anymore, and mobile is increasingly becoming more of a significant factor in search – hence mobilegeddon.

Page by Page

Second, vigilance is key. The update is page based, which means only the mobile friendly pages – and not the entire site – will feel the positive effects of the algorithm. It depends on what the webmasters have in store for the site and its specific pages on how to take advantage of this feature.

Some pages may work better if people on mobile devices can find them; inversely, there may be pages that can hinder the site’s progress if it’s allowed to rank on mobile. It’s difficult to imagine the circumstances that would lead to such a situation, but anything’s possible in SEO.

Quick Crawlers

Many companies are worried that their websites will only become mobile friendly after the deadline (which already passed), and they’ll have to wait for the next update to see anything for their trouble. Fortunately, Google was considerate this time around and allowed pages to rank positively every time their spiders crawl and index data.

Googlebot for smartphones will naturally recrawl a page as soon as they’re able to do so. Web sites can even make the results change faster through Fetch as Google in the Webmaster tools. The sooner the crawlers can index the mobile friendly site, the sooner the ranking will reflect it.

There are a few more things Google wants people to remember regarding the update – ten to be exact. If you want to know more about making your site mobile-friendly, you can contact us today, or explore the rest of our website to see what other services we can offer to help your online presence.

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