Five Common Local SEO Pitfalls to Avoid

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All commercial websites today need their own web presence, as the world continues to put everything online. Small businesses continue to turn to affordable local SEO services to establish their brand on the Web. While it is certainly advantageous, there are common pitfalls to avoid when implementing a local campaign.

Inconsistent NAP

Local SEO consists of many listings, and with this technique, you’d have to provide your name, address, and phone number or NAP. Often, marketers provide different addresses and phone numbers to their listings in the same location. As a result, the campaign suffers as Google penalises inconsistent information. You have to post uniform data to streamline your campaign.

Wrong keyword targeting

Keyword research is highly important, as many local campaigns target keywords that are too broad or too general for their market. This isn’t going to result in penalties from Google, but small businesses would have an uphill battle against bigger, more authoritative websites when it comes to dealing with general keywords. Geo-specific keywords are more useful for local campaigns, as these narrow down the parameters to your location.

Abusing geo-specific keywords

Speaking of geo-specific keywords, abusing its use could merit you a few devastating penalties from search engines. Particularly in anchor texts, you should avoid overusing exact match keywords. This is where you have to be a little more creative and vary your anchor text, along with the use of partial match and long-tail keywords.

Poor content quality

Never expect to amass links from sloppy content. The first thing visitors will see on your site is the content. Even if you have the finest web design around, the audience wouldn’t see any value from it due to poor quality content. When you plan to use content marketing as a tactic to obtain links, know that you have to provide the audience some value, which is why you have to ensure the quality of what you post.

Antisocial tendencies

For better visibility, you should always incorporate social media buttons on your site, create pages and listings for your business to maintain an active social presence.

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