Look Out for These Digital Marketing Trends This 2018

Analytics data on a computer

Analytics data on a computerThe Internet has become a regular part of almost everyone’s daily lives. Every year, Internet usage around the world increases and without a doubt, 2018 will be another year geared towards digital growth.

In the past year, many companies found themselves boosting their digital efforts, even more. Other businesses, meanwhile, took the lap and ventured into making their mark on the web. Whether you’re a beginner in digital marketing or looking into ways to further improve your website, it’s important to be on top of these trends that will boost your brand’s online presence this year.

Mobile Compatibility

A study done in 2017 found that Australia remains one of the leading global users of the smartphone. So, it’s not surprising that smartphone users have surpassed the number of desktop users in the country – and around the globe.

If you still hadn’t done this in recent years, it’s high-time to optimise your company’s website for mobile use. Making your website mobile-friendly will be beneficial to driving traffic this 2018. If you have an existing website, develop a version of it for mobile screens. Given the trends, time spent in front of a mobile device will only get lengthier. However, the waiting time for pages to load may become shorter. So, when you’re developing a website for your company, be sure not to overload it with images and heavy elements, as they slow down the loading time of the page.

Quality Content

Internet searches are helpful in getting potential customers to visit your website – as such, you want to be highly visible to your target market. “When highly visible, your website generates more leads and conversions, increasing your bottom line and growing your business,” SEO experts from Perth say. This is attainable when your website has quality content, including quality keywords that your market will likely use in their queries.

Content creation in 2018 will improve in terms of quality and relevance to the market. Link-worthy blogs and articles are also vital in getting engagement from Internet users. Content is not limited to writing, though, because video content is also predicted to become bigger. It is evident that some people prefer watching videos over reading for the information they need. But either way, a relevant, content-driven website will surely rank in searches.

Social Media Marketing TeamSocial Media and Advertising

Facebook and Instagram are already ahead in the advertising game. Unlike before, these social media giants have been releasing updates more frequently, improving the way people engage with brands. Use these changes to your advantage by maintaining a consistent online presence. People are more likely to patronise a brand that is responsive and active on social media. It is also a good idea to explore the benefits of posting live videos. The popularity this medium has gained in previous years is a good sign of its continued, even increased, effectivity this year. In live videos, viewers are able to engage real-time. This helps your brand capture the focus of your target audience.

Trends may change but user experience and engagement will always be top priorities in digital marketing. By incorporating mobile-friendliness, excellent content and social media interaction to your digital marketing campaigns, you’re already on your way to greater success for your brand.

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