Of SEO and Multimedia: Making Visual Content Engine-Friendly

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Marketers often say that for effective SEO for small businesses, you have to establish your brand online. There are many ways to do that, such as creating your own Facebook page and Twitter account. These sites, however, are just a channel to interact with your audience. What drives them to engage with you is content. This isn’t limited to tweets and status updates containing sales pitches, as multimedia such as podcasts, flipbooks, and images are also part of the mix.

By nature, multimedia aren’t engine-friendly, as Google’s bots are yet to learn how to crawl through YouTube videos and other content. The future seems bright, as Google has a knack for smartening its algorithms. Optimising multimedia content, however, is easier than it sounds.

Videos and Podcasts

Google can’t understand video, but it checks the text information about it. When you upload a video on YouTube, you are given the choice of coming up with a title for the clip, along with a description, keywords, and tags. These things are Google’s bases when it ranks your content. This is the first item you should optimise, similar to what you do with your website’s blog posts. Podcasts and other non-YouTube videos work in the same way.


Images offer less space for search engines to crawl, although there are still important things you should note to get the most SEO value, to wit:

  • HTML ALT tag – This is what Google reads when people search on Google Images. It creates a hover tip, which is why it is important to fill it out and optimise it.
  • File name – Your file name shouldn’t be a gibberish of random letters and numbers. Instead, it should capture your main message and uphold relevance to your site.


Unlike PDFs, flipbooks are not uploaded as image files, allowing Google to index its content. With that said, the content should have keywords – even in the title, if applicable – to make it engine-friendly. Include regular SEO elements on its landing page for better value.

Don’t just write text pieces for your site; you can benefit from other forms such as videos and images. Feel free to contact us to discuss about how we can help improve your website.

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