Refund Policy

SEO Services Australia operates on a perfomance-based, pre-paid subscription basis.  As such, payments typically precede cancellations except in the case of promotions or specific products (such as web development projects).As such, and as a general rule, we do not refund work already executed.Cancellations that arise in a paid balance shall be remunerated primarily via store credit or work allocation to another project owned by the client.Refunds may be honored solely at management discretion and is approved on a case to case basis only. In the event a refund is required, provided store credit or other services are inappropriate to the situation, refund requests must be communicated to your assigned Project Managers in writing.  The approval process takes 3 business days and a refund is issued within 15 days via the client’s original method of payment Under this policy:
  • Generally due to the nature of our work, we do not assure any refunds upon cancellation.
  • If refund is made, we would debit the amount for the work already completed, and for the work in progress.
  • Taxes paid on services to regulatory bodies will not be refunded.
  • No refund will be issued to cancellations due to violations of signed agreements with the company (such as a violation of the non-disclosure agreement or SLA.
  • No refund will be issued due to delayed execution of projects arising from client delays in communication

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