Your Restaurant’s Recipe to Local SEO Success

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Local search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies are helpful in improving a restaurant’s online marketing efforts. For Entrepreneur magazine, restaurants are one of the top industries that should use local SEO. Since food is one of the most searched for words online, it makes sense to be where your potential customers spend most of their time on.

If you do local SEO right, it guarantees success for your business. But how can you achieve better online visibility and get more diners to come into your restaurant?

Start with On-Page Optimisation

It all begins with your website. On-page SEO accounts for a number of factors that influence your local search rankings.

If your restaurant has multiple locations, for example, your website should have unique and separate webpages for each location. Each page should include a complete address, phone number, operating hours and other location-specific information.

Good SEO for restaurants also refrains from storing all details from all locations on a single page; search engines, particularly Google, have guidelines on structured data. If your website fails to follow them, you may encounter issues with ranking.

Localised Link Building Helps

Link building has always influenced search engine rankings; it is also an important factor for restaurants invested in improving their local search visibility. Apart from content, search engines also consider links as indicators of a page’s credibility and authority. Your website has more opportunities for ranking high on search engines when more quality links go on a page.

Local links establish credible connections to landing pages, which affect local results. Building more links can be time consuming. But restaurants that incorporate it to current digital strategies, through reviews, will benefit from improved online credibility.

Listings: Off-Page Help

Search engine listings and directories provide restaurants with visibility. Also, if your business’s citation appears on a number of authoritative websites, search engines will give you more credibility, which improves your ranking. So focus on finding updated and complete information concerning the largest directories available.

There are plenty of restaurants vying for your customers’ attention. Retain diners’ interest by investing in proper local SEO strategies. Get in touch with us today and our team will show you how.

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