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SEO, SEM, and SMO in Digital Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Table of Contents Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media Optimization SEM, SEO, and SMO for Small Businesses Digital marketing agencies offer various services to improve your online visibility and reach to potential customers. But what might confuse a lot of startup and small business owners are three terms

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Online Reputation Management: What Is ORM in SEO?

Table of Contents What Is Online Reputation Management? ORM and SEO SEO vs. ORM Other Ways How ORM Works   There are other digital marketing strategies that aren’t necessarily search engine optimisation (SEO). One such example is online reputation management (ORM), but the definition and purposes of which are often

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What Industries Can Benefit from SEO the Most?

Table of Contents Hotels, Motels, & Other Accommodations Professional Services Construction, Home Repairs, and Renovations Medical Services Businesses with No Brick and Mortar Stores Food Business Don’t get me wrong – any business offering a product or service online or to their local area can benefit from SEO. Whatever you’re

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10 Outdated SEO Content Tactics to Leave Behind

Table of Contents Targeting Wrong Keywords Keyword Stuffing Using One Keyword Without Variations Foregoing Duplicate Content Expecting Miracle from Short Blogs Content Quantity over Quality Missing Quality Links Erratic Posting of Content Exact Match Anchor Text Skipping Title Tags and Meta Descriptions You can compare bad SEO content practices to

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What Businesses Can Do Online in a Time of Coronavirus

There’s no denying that ever since the coronavirus outbreak grew into a global pandemic, business, as usual, has become impossible in many countries around the world. With some countries on lockdown and other national governments urging their citizens to stay at home, it’s clear that businesses cannot operate the same

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Digital Marketing Opportunities in Perth

As the largest city of Western Australia and the fourth-most popular city in the country, Perth has plenty of business opportunities. As the dynamic and rapidly-growing capital city, it’s one of the world’s fastest developing economic zones, earning a Gross Regional Product of $41.4 billion. Naturally, this makes it a

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