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What Industries Can Benefit from SEO the Most?

Table of Contents Hotels, Motels, & Other Accommodations Professional Services Construction, Home Repairs, and Renovations Medical Services Businesses with No Brick and Mortar Stores Food Business   Don’t get me wrong – any business offering a product or service online or to their local area can benefit from SEO. Whatever

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Compelling CTAs: Convert Bounces Into Leads

People visit your website because they are interested in what you have to offer. But not all visitors are willing to be converted into customers – at least not the first time. Those who do not reach the check-out page or at least sift through the pages of your site,

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The Evolution of Google and What It Means for SEO

Going back in time, not everyone would have predicted the vast impact search engine optimisation (SEO) would have on marketing. With the dominant role of search engines in the marketing world, the task of being highly ranked has become an industry of its own. Search engine optimisation connects internet users

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The Positive Effect of Semantic Search on SEO

In the past, pretty much anyone can claim to be an SEO professional – all they have to do is to post a few articles filled to the brim with keywords, and see their search rankings go up. It didn’t matter if the content was interesting or if it provided

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Look Out for These Digital Marketing Trends This 2018

The Internet has become a regular part of almost everyone’s daily lives. Every year, Internet usage around the world increases and without a doubt, 2018 will be another year geared towards digital growth. In the past year, many companies found themselves boosting their digital efforts, even more. Other businesses, meanwhile,

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Your Restaurant’s Recipe to Local SEO Success

Local search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies are helpful in improving a restaurant’s online marketing efforts. For Entrepreneur magazine, restaurants are one of the top industries that should use local SEO. Since food is one of the most searched for words online, it makes sense to be where your potential customers

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