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The Positive Effect of Semantic Search on SEO

In the past, pretty much anyone can claim to be an SEO professional – all they have to do is to post a few articles filled to the brim with keywords, and see their search rankings go up. It didn’t matter if the content was interesting or if it provided

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Look Out for These Digital Marketing Trends This 2018

The Internet has become a regular part of almost everyone’s daily lives. Every year, Internet usage around the world increases and without a doubt, 2018 will be another year geared towards digital growth. In the past year, many companies found themselves boosting their digital efforts, even more. Other businesses, meanwhile,

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5 Big Ideas for Killer Small Business SEO

The SEO landscape feels like a jungle sometimes: The Possum cleans up spam, improving local SERPs. The Penguin does not penalise, but rather undervalues links from spammy pages. The Hummingbird enhances search with RankBrain, and figures out what you intend to search. Any small business owner would be overwhelmed and

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Content Types Revolutionising the Face of Digital Marketing

Content is king —especially in the world of digital marketing. Digital marketers do not underestimate the power of quality content. Due to the current march of technological progress, content manages to continuously develop since its humble beginnings. Today’s content demands more than a 300-word post complete with stock photos or

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What Kinds of Content Does Google Rank Higher?

Blogs, press releases, editorial publications – these things have digital content marketing in common. Most companies utilise these kinds of content to improve their website’s rankings in Google’s search results. Since more people use the Internet for browsing information, companies will naturally use content to attract clients to their products

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