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Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines: October 2021 Updates

Table of Contents What are the Search Quality Rater Guidelines? Who Uses the Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines? Search Quality Rater Guidelines Updates ‘Groups Of People’ in YMYL Content Lowest Page Quality How to Research Reputation Information ‘Upsetting-Offensive’ Definition Minor Changes Throughout How Often are the Search Quality Rater Guidelines

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Google’s Title Changes: Should You Be Alarmed?

Table of Contents Why does Google change title tags? The title tag is too long The title tag doesn’t reflect what’s in your content Your titles are half-empty The titles are obsolete Your title tags are inaccurate The titles are micro-boilerplate titles How does Google rewrite title tags? Title Truncation

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The Power of Combining Paid Search and Social Media Marketing

Table of Contents What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising? What is Social Media Marketing? PPC vs. Social Media Marketing: Which is Better? How to Combine PPC with Social Media Marketing Use Google Remarketing to target specific social posts Promote your content more effectively Use exclusions and interests in Facebook Ads Leverage the

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Boost Your SEO and Its Relationship with Your Social Media Strategy

Table of Contents What Is The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO? Increased visibility and traffic for your website Extensive content distribution Increased recognition and brand reputation Boosted local SEO Easy Social Media Practices to Maximise Your SEO Strategy Publish good content Make content that is easily shareable Optimise your

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How to Create a Success-Driven Social Media Content Calendar

Table of Contents What is a social media content calendar or planner? How to Create a Social Media Calendar Schedule Get Started on Your Social Media Content Calendar/Planner Social media is one of the fastest growing trends in the history of the Internet. While it’s been around since the dawn

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How to Promote Your Products Using Social Media

Table of Contents How to Promote Using Social Media Fill out your profile Use branded hashtags Cross promote your social media profiles Creative Ways to Use Social Media in Business Promotion Contests Emotional Marketing Personalised Data Deals and Promo Codes How-to’s and Tutorials Live Streams Influencer Takeover “Ask Me Anything”

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A Deep Dive Into Facebook Marketing

Table of Contents Your Business and Social Media What Is Facebook, Anyway? Facebook Marketing Keeping Everyone Connected: How does Facebook sharing work? Why Do Businesses Prefer Facebook? How Do You Grow Your Business: Getting The Most Out of Your Facebook Marketing: Dressing Up Your Page Profile Picture Facebook Cover Types

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How to Create a Content Calendar for Instagram

Table of Contents How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar for Instagram Determine Your Social Media Strategy Run an Instagram Audit Store Your Content Choose a Template for Your Instagram Content Calendar Schedule Your Posts to be Published Instagram Content Calendar Ideas Create your captions beforehand Schedule your posts

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