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Influencer Marketing Proves People Are the Best Marketers

Businesses are starting to see how powerful and influential social media can be, and it’s inspiring more brands to look beyond traditional content and engagement. Social media has become the consumers’ megaphone for voicing out their opinions and expectations of brands that matter to them, and enabling testimonials and peer

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Social Media Marketing: Top Facebook Features for Every Business

Facebook is a thriving social media platform for any business looking to boost brand awareness. With over 2.6 billion monthly active users, it’s currently the most popular social networking platform in the world. You have endless opportunities to spread the good word about your business on the platform—from paid ads

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SEO, SEM, and SMO in Digital Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Table of Contents Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media Optimization SEM, SEO, and SMO for Small Businesses Digital marketing agencies offer various services to improve your online visibility and reach to potential customers. But what might confuse a lot of startup and small business owners are three terms

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Steer Clear of These Engagement Bait Tactics

Last December, Facebook announced its crackdown on engagement baits, spammy posts that urge people to react, comment and share. Their goal is to boost engagement and get a wider reach; the more reactions a post has, the more it will show up on people’s News Feeds. After the update, however,

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Boosting Online Presence Using Social Media Marketing

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing have many things in common. Both are inbound strategies that deal with building a brand that naturally and organically attracts visitors. Social media marketing success relies on prominent brand presence and high-quality, regularly updated content. In an age where social media use

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Success in Social Media Ten Years Ago

To say that the Internet looked different ten years ago would be quite the understatement. Social media, for one, was completely different.The job title of‘social media specialist’ and the concept of social media marketing were two things that no one at the time thought would ever become reality—and that’s just

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