What Is the True Cost of SEO?

How much does SEO optimisation cost? This is usually one of the first questions a business owner will ask when first learning about SEO. And this is a legitimate concern, especially for startups and small businesses who are very careful when investing their money. But before we discuss how much SEO costs, let’s look at the factors that affect the price of this service.

Number of Pages

The number of pages on your website affects how much it costs to do SEO. Making sure each page is set up to rank high for a keyword phrase takes time and expertise. The metadata (information about the page) and content on each page must be correct so that Google knows your page is worth ranking. At the same time, you want your page content to be valuable and interesting for readers.

Business owners often think that the reputation of the SEO services provider is essential. Polishing these two tasks on each existing or newly created page adds to a higher price tag for SEO services.


Aside from asking how much does SEO cost, business owners and individuals also want to know how much time is spent on an SEO campaign. You know the saying: Time is money. And that is very true for SEO. The more time you spend optimising or creating pages that will do well, the more the service will cost.

There is a lot of variation in the pricing for SEO services. You can choose to pay for a set number of hours, but this may not be the most effective way to keep your pages optimised. You may be better off choosing a company that charges based on results. However, these companies are few and far between.

You can choose to have an SEO company work on your website for a month. You will need to trust them and agree to let them continually work on your website. They will optimise the content, make sure the metadata is correct, and help you beat your competition.

Your Website’s Current Technical Status

If you want your website to rank high, it will cost you. What worked in the past may not work today because Google’s algorithm is always changing. Sometimes, if your SEO was done well many years ago, it only needs some fine-tuning. Or, if you are starting from scratch with a new website, it may cost less than trying to fix your current website.

Present Ranking

The amount of money you spend on SEO Services depends on how high your website is ranked, to begin with. If you have to do less work to maintain your ranking, then the cost of services will be lower. However, if you want to rank for a more specific keyword or set of keywords, then it may take more effort, and the cost will be higher.


How much does SEO cost in Australia, specifically? Where your business is located geographically and how many other local businesses compete with it affects how much SEO costs. The number of locations your business has can also affect the price. If you have multiple locations, you will have more pages to cite as examples (one for each location), which means more work on optimising your local SEO.

In other words, the more locations you have, the more pages you need to work on promoting, which costs more money.

In today’s world, it is important to rank highly on Google. This doesn’t happen by accident. You need to do some research and use your expertise to make this happen correctly. SEO costs depend on how much work needs to be done and your business’ marketing goals and objectives. That’s why, before asking, how much does SEO marketing cost? It’s important to look into these factors.

Size and Scope of Your SEO Project

When building a website, the size of the website matters. A bigger website with more pages and a more complex structure will take more time and cost more than a smaller one. This is because a bigger website requires more coding, design, and development time. In addition, a bigger website often needs a custom-built content management system (CMS), which can also be expensive.

SEO Tools

There is no question that SEO tools can be expensive. In some cases, the cost of these tools can be prohibitive, particularly for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just starting. When it comes to optimising a website for search engines, there are a variety of tools and services that can help. Many of these tools and services, however, are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Most of these tools work on a subscription basis with monthly or yearly fees. This can add up to a lot of money over time.

And now that you know the elements that contribute to the price of SEO services, let’s go back to your main question, how much do SEO services cost? And here’s the answer. The cost of SEO services in Australia varies depending on the project and what the client needs. Services can range from $1,400 per month to $10,000+ per month.

You might be wondering, but how much does SEO cost for a small business? Is there any difference? The answer is it depends on the agency. Sometimes small businesses can be set up easily and sometimes the SEO company will have to fix so many issues made by the client’s previous SEO providers. The safest way to know is to shop around and look for SEO agencies that specialise in handling SEO for small businesses.

Time to Invest in Reasonably Priced SEO Packages

97% of all consumers find local services through website search engines. The higher your business ranks on a search engine like Google, the more likely it will stay in business. Don’t miss the chance to grow your business with quality SEO services. It’s one key aspect of your business’s success in the modern world.

Need Help Setting Up Your SEO?

SEO Services Australia is an innovative and leading digital agency specialising in handling SEO for small businesses. If you would like to get started on your SEO marketing journey, we’re more than happy to get you set up.

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