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The real estate industry in Australia is growing steadily and is expected to expand within the next five years. Despite the volatile conditions in the last five years, industry trends show a steady increase in both residential and commercial properties, giving those in the real estate sector plenty of opportunities to profit from the industry’s growth.

But that uptick in the real estate industry does not guarantee your real estate business success. For that, you’ll need to make sure your business captures the attention of potential clients.

Unlike older forms of marketing and advertising, the internet does not highlight the bigger real estate businesses and push the smaller ones to the back. Search engines like Google put into the spotlight businesses that provide the best information and appear to be what users are really looking for – regardless of that business’ size.

SEO Services Australia has years of experience bringing businesses in all industries into that search engine spotlight – including various real estate businesses in Australia. We can navigate the digital landscape and connect your business to the right user that’s looking for you.
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Here’s how we do it.

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation


As someone who uses search engines to find information online, how often do you find yourself checking the second page of Google? A study of five million Google searches found that only a fraction of users ever checks the second page, and less than one percent of users click links found on the second page.

So how do you expect your business to thrive when you’re not in the first page of relevant keywords? More businesses are beginning to see the importance of SEO, and the sooner you recognise its need to drive traffic to your website, the sooner you can get into the competition and create a competitive website. Because if you’re not visible on search engines, your website – no matter how nice it looks – isn’t going to have any visitors.

It’s our job to make sure that when a user types in a keyword that relates to your business, Google will crawl through your website and identify it as the most likely website that can suit the user’s needs. We’ll look for high-traffic keywords that ýour competitors have overlooked, and then we’ll improve your website and make it more competitive in the highest-ranking keywords.

We Do This Through:

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A Free SEO Audit

Kick off your SEO marketing campaign with a free site audit to show you your website’s status and what we plan to do with it.

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Local SEO

Perfect for real estate agents and real estate businesses that specialise in a certain location and targets a specific audience.


Content Marketing

Various online content forms that drive keywords and increase your business’ reputation and association with certain keywords on Google’s algorithm.

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SEO Consultation

Help you understand your competitors and provide recommendations, but you remain in full control of your website.


Online reputation Management

Bad reviews on Google and Yelp scaring potential clients away? We help you repair your brand and help deal with negative reviews to turn your reputation around.

With years of experience working with businesses in the real estate sector, we’ve built packages that will suit your marketing needs.

We can turn your brand into an online powerhouse that drives users to the home of their dreams – provided by your business, of course.

Social Media Marketing

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With over 71 percent of Australia’s population on social media, there’s a huge chance that your target audience frequents platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. So, if you have properties for sale, rent, or lease, you’re likely to find interested users here.

Not many real estate agents, brokers, and real estate listing sites recognise the power of connecting to your client base at a personal level. But it’s not as simple as creating a Facebook page, inviting your network to like the page, and be done with it.

Social media marketing also involves:

Creating Attention-Grabbing Content

When people are scrolling through their social media feeds, it’s important to create content that will get them to stop and read about what you have to offer. We can help get their attention with a few lines and stunning graphics.

Staying on the Radar

Community management involves keeping your page active and relevant. Even when you don’t have a new listing for sale, scheduling posts, staying on top of national events, and staying on their feed keeps your business from falling into obscurity.

Handling Feedback and Inquiries

Many users choose social media as the platform to contact real estate businesses for their queries thinking it offers a much faster response time compared to email. We ensure their feedback is met with accuracy and efficiency while you focus on the main part of your business.

Reach Beyond Local Targets

Renting out vacation properties? Your target isn’t the locals, but the out-of-towners and foreigners interested in visiting. We can help you reach out to them.

For real estate agents and other businesses within the real estate sector, social media keeps you connected to a large audience base and can help you stay relevant and updated with your client base.

Our social media team can develop all your publicity materials, schedule your timeline and published posts, and manage your social media community while you focus on the main roles of your business.

Web Design


No matter how comprehensive your website’s content is, if your website isn’t up to par with your users’ expectations, there’s no guarantee that they’ll stick around to read your pitch. Studies found that users leave a website if it doesn’t load in a matter of seconds: on a computer, you have between five to ten seconds before they exit your website; on mobile or any portable tablet, Google says your website has to load in three seconds before over half of your visitors click away.

And even if your website does get past the 10-second waiting time, if your website is ugly, inefficient, or difficult to navigate, these reasons are enough for users to click away. After all, if you can’t invest time and effort on an appealing business website, how can your users trust you to invest your time and effort into finding them the right residential or commercial property?

Real estate businesses aren’t the same, so our clients in the real estate sector get a unique layout that suits their needs. Real estate listing websites, for example, get easier search options and filters to help clients narrow down their available options, while rental property websites show more fitting details, rules, and options.
Design & Construction website

We craft your website to let your users know you mean business and you have what it takes to manage their needs.

Through our team of professional web designers and web developers, we’ll create a responsive, fast, and visually-appealing website with navigational features that won’t take their attention away from your listings that matter most.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising


For short-term advertising that’s flexible to your budget, PPC only costs you when someone clicks on your ad. Although it’s not as long-term as SEO, this is still an effective strategy if used right. We’ve used it on plenty of successful campaigns over the year, so trust our Adwords-certified campaign managers to run your PPC campaign right to achieve a good ROI.
Google Ads

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