Case Study: Little Green Truck’s Increase In Organic Traffic And Keywords

Overview: Little Green Truck
WORK DONE: SEO commissioned to help improve the traffic on its website from Organic Search. By implementing the best practices in Technical SEO, On-Page, and Off-Page SEO, we were able to rank the company for its brand name and its variations.

It also ranks #1 on 5 generic “delivery”, “truck service” and “van for hire” keywords and up to 169 keywords on the first page of
image of Little Green Truck's website


Increase in Organic Traffic for a year period

Start of the Month
After 6 Months of SEO
6 Months Baseline
After 12 Months of SEO

Our SEO Methodology

Little Green Truck's homepage displayed in a monitor screen
Our team follows a tried and tested process to ensure we maximise the available opportunities for Little Green Truck’s digital marketing strategy. For every client we have, the strategy we use for their campaigns are always flexible and tailored to their business’ needs and their short and long-term goals.

Initial Audit and Keyword Research

We performed an initial audit on their website and determined the current state of their website and just how visible it was. We also performed keyword research to find relevant keywords their business should be ranking for to reach out to the right users.

Technical and Advanced Site Audit

Next, we performed a comprehensive technical and advanced website SEO audit. This helped us determine what was keeping their website from appearing on search engine results or moving up the search engine results.

Content Optimisation

We incorporate our analysis into the development of your SEO strategy. When developing SEO recommendations, we balance the required investment versus the potential rewards.

Off-page SEO Optimisation

Once Little Green Truck’s website was optimized, we looked towards off-page SEO that could help drive traffic to their website while establishing their business’ authority in their industry. Strategies we used include guest posting on relevant pages and link building.

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    table showing increased traffic in the keyword hire delivery truck in relevance to Little Green Truck's website


    After 6 months of work on the Project, the website’s traffic increased over 10x from its baseline performance of <200 visits per month to over 2,000 visitors per month.

    After a year, Little Green Truck was easily beating larger, more established competitors.
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