Professional Content Marketing in Melbourne

In a world where all businesses are online, content is still king. We can help you create a content marketing strategy to supplement all your other digital marketing efforts.

Does Your Content Lack Flair?

Are you struggling with marketing communications, press releases, blogs, social media copy and the likes? Content creation isn’t a skill that’s learned overnight, so you have to get help from experts when it comes to writing creative content for distribution in several platforms. Content marketing works when you know which agency to tap for your specific needs.

See What Our Clients Think!

There are several content marketing agencies in Melbourne that offer the same services we do, and we can’t really speak for the quality of their services. But do you know who can vouch for our content marketing services? That’s right, our very own clients! Just read through their feedback to have a better idea on the quality of the services we provide each and every small business we have worked with.

Premium Content That Isn’t Meh

We aren’t the first content marketing company in Melbourne to offer content marketing to clients like you. But we come highly recommended because we take the time to get to know our clients really well before helping them come up with copy they can use in their campaigns. Any content marketing agency can promise you content that is delivered fast and in bulk, but how sure are you about the quality?

When you hire us as your content marketing consultant in Melbourne, expect us to ask a lot of questions about your company. Our goal isn’t just to get your rankings up (although it is one of our priorities) but also to introduce you to the online world in the most accurate way possible. We’re here to get you closer to your target market and make sure that they understand what you can do for them.

Experience Intimacy in Content Marketing

When we say intimacy, we don’t mean anything romantic. We simply mean that we will get really close to your brand, your products, and your services so we can accurately represent you to your target market. Any digital agency can write something generic for your product, but that’s not the only thing we’re after. We want your customers to love you and appreciate you as a brand and not just a label they will easily forget. We want the content we write for you to leave a first impression that almost feels like love at first sight.

Simple Yet Versatile

Our Brisbane clients successfully drove in traffic, leads, and conversions with our content marketing strategies. Our content marketing campaigns have launched pages to the top ranks.


How Green Oasis Doubled Their Organic Traffic and Sessions

At the start of the campaign, Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation’s site averaged 470 website visits a month. Over the course of the campaign, we have doubled that number and they now see an average of 957 monthly visits from organic search alone. We have also decreased their bounce rate and increased their average monthly sessions by up to 35.20% per month.


How Fitness Education Increased Their Ranking, Traffic, and Leads

In a span of 4-5 months, SEO Services Australia observed a huge increase in the number of ranking keywords, website impressions, and website traffic. This demonstrated the success of the strategies and tactics put in place by the website SEO team. Improvements have been significant and a big jump from the client’s previous numbers before SEO Services handled the campaign.


How the Digital Retouching Company Achieved 407% Growth

During the course of the campaign, Paper Boat Creative grew by 100% not once, but thrice leading to an over 400% increase in business since the inception of the campaign.

Experience The Difference Working With Us Makes!

In the digital age where content is king, make sure you don’t work with word factories. You deserve so much more returns on your investment.

We’re happy to provide you with a free initial consultation as you try to learn how we create content and align it with your business goals. Don’t hesitate to test our no commitment discussion, we promise you there are no strings attached to this offer.


Watch Us Write Our Way To A Sale

Don’t settle for templated, generic content when you can offer much more to your customers and prospects. Work with us and see for yourself how we prove time and time again why content is king.

    Obstacles to Overcome

    • Declining prominence in organic search results.
    • Competition from new entrants in the consulting industry.
    • Challenges in positioning as a thought leader online.

    SEO Solutions in Action

    • Conducted a detailed SEO audit to identify weak points.
    • Revamped website structure to emphasise core competencies and services.
    • Engaged in content marketing to highlight industry expertise and insights.

    Results (After 6 months)

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