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Brand awareness rides on several factors to be successful, from competitive SEO optimisation to effective ad placements and strategies. However, what keeps audiences engaged on your website and what drives them into becoming customers is your website’s content.

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With a team led by experienced content marketers, SEO Services Australia has led multiple brands and businesses to success through improved site awareness and conversion rates with SEO-optimised content. Here’s what our Perth clients have to say about our content marketing services.

Turn Prospects Into Profit

Even though your website might be optimized in almost all of the core metrics in SEO, without producing relevant and value-adding content, you won’t be able to promote customer retention and keep your audiences engaged for a long time. This is why content marketing is one of the most crucial parts of website building and optimisation.

With SEO Services Australia, one of the leading content marketing agencies in Perth, you can ensure that your brand puts out relevant and memorable content for your target audience – wherever they are on the purchase funnel – as well as highly shareable text that can widen your brand’s reach. Not only will we get you to the top ranks of the keywords that you want to target, but we’ll also help you turn prospects into profit.

Our Content Marketing Practices

At SEO Services Australia, we create content that benefits users by answering their questions or solving their problems. This means writing content directly to buyer personas that target where they are along the buyer’s journey.

Here’s how our SEO and content marketing services guide visitors into becoming customers:

Research and Creation

Brands and businesses typically have an idea of the relevant keywords that they’d want to target to reach their niche audience – whether they’re queries that they can answer or relevant topics that they can contribute some knowledge to. With our expert SEO specialists, we find the best and most relevant keywords that your potential customers are using for their online searches. These keywords are then given to our writers and content marketers so that they can effectively optimize the articles and pieces that they are going to be creating for your business.

Topic Research and Creation

Our writers and content marketers are well-versed in applying the best practices when it comes to targeting your niche audience. To better understand your industry and what your target audiences are looking for, our team performs extensive research and brainstorming to narrow down the topics that are most valuable on your platform.

After narrowing down the topics, our writers are going to produce well-researched and optimised articles that will help connect you with your potential customers, drive site engagement, and eventually lead them down the purchase funnel.


Once the content is produced, they are then distributed according to your preferred distribution channels, whether on-site or off-site. Because we acknowledge that your target audience may be scattered around different platforms, we ensure that the content pieces we produce are appropriately created to capture the attention of your audience, from blogs, website page content, social media posts, PDFs, and newsletters.


Once the articles, blog posts and other content forms are published online, our analysts will continue monitoring their performance, lead generation, and site visits. By keeping track of relevant analytics, our writers can effectively rewrite and optimise your content to further improve your online performance.

SEO Services Australia: Your Partner in Effective Content Building

With years of experience in crafting and producing well-researched and relevant pieces for brands, our team of content marketers and writers has perfected the process of finding the best topics that can connect you with your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

We’ve helped hundreds of brands rise to the top of search engine results with tailored campaigns and competitive content production that seamlessly connects your brand’s online identity to the population that is most relevant to your industry.

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Curious how our content marketing services can help your business rise to the top? Find out how our services forged the paths of hundreds of businesses to becoming the top-performing brands today.


How Green Oasis Doubled Their Organic Traffic and Sessions

At the start of the campaign, Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation’s site averaged 470 website visits a month. Over the course of the campaign, we have doubled that number and they now see an average of 957 monthly visits from organic search alone. We have also decreased their bounce rate and increased their average monthly sessions by up to 35.20% per month.


How Fitness Education Increased Their Ranking, Traffic, and Leads

In a span of 4-5 months, SEO Services Australia observed a huge increase in the number of ranking keywords, website impressions, and website traffic. This demonstrated the success of the strategies and tactics put in place by the website SEO team. Improvements have been significant and a big jump from the client’s previous numbers before SEO Services handled the campaign.


How the Digital Retouching Company Achieved 407% Growth

During the course of the campaign, Paper Boat Creative grew by 100% not once, but thrice leading to an over 400% increase in business since the inception of the campaign.

Build Your Image

Let our content marketing services in Perth help you build your image as an authority in your industry and make yourself a leading source of information to your potential customers. Keep your readers and followers coming back with our compelling, relevant, and value-adding content that will keep your site in front of your audience and potential customers.

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Start working with our content marketing experts today and see what we can offer your business when it comes to customer retention, conversions, and overall brand visibility on the digital platform.

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