What are the Secrets to a Winning Legal Practice and SEO Strategy?

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A team of SEO specialist

Individuals in need of legal assistance are careful when selecting law firms to represent them. Like most people in need of information today, they will ask the Internet for answers. The first companies the SERPs give will likely be the names they trust.

The question is: will your firm be part of that list?

Attorneys who wish to attract the right market then turn to SEO services for lawyers. Through search engine optimisation, attorneys ensure their site will be among the first names clients will see. It sounds easy, but ranking can be difficult.

Fortunately, it is possible to still score quick SEO wins. Consider the following strategies:

Focus on User Experience

Some businesses are too distracted with directing more traffic to their website; they lose sight of the end goal. Users shouldn’t just visit—they should also convert. Visitor conversion will only occur if your site is professional, informative and designed (from the layout to the call to action buttons) to turn traffic into clients.

A critical part of conversion is having credibility as a business, and your site plays a big role in conveying expertise and establishing trust.

To build credibility, your website should include the following:

  • Lawyer biographies
  • Case studies and results
  • Informative blog
  • Press coverage
  • Inclusion in Directories

Inclusion in Directories

Are you included in Google Places or other local directories? If you do not have a listing, you might consider establishing one now. With a local listing, your law firm can prominently appear on the SERPs—a major provider of traffic. Building citations will also help your listing rank better.

Target Local Keywords

Similar to other fields, legal digital marketing is extremely competitive. Some firms are tempted to immediately start big; they want to win over the masses as soon as possible. But if you are just starting in the field, set your sights on local traffic first.

Your best shot at success starts in the areas you serve; targeting traffic in competitive regions should be part of the long-term plan instead. Secure local traffic by targeting local keywords first. Once you secure the branded traffic and manage to rank prominently, then you can advance to the next level.

Do not just rely on any keyword relevant to your industry; it pays to be sure that the keywords you use do rank well on Google. Use SEMRush for this task. Just enter the domain you wish to search and the tool will reveal keywords your site ranks for on Google. If your website does not rank for primary keywords, it’s time to advance your strategy.

Build Your Citations

Building citations is also another important “secret” in terms of ranking well. Citations are mentions of the company’s name on other sites such as business listings, directories and social media profiles.

When you build citations, you create a consistent online presence for your firm, which is a plus. Moz’s study on local search rankings reveals that consistency gives rankings an extra push in local search.

SEO need not be too complicated for your legal firm. With the help of a professional, it is easier to make the most of online marketing and earn the traffic you need. Get in touch with us today to learn more on how we can help.

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