PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

8 Steps to Successful PPC Campaigns

Understanding Goals

Our consultants discuss the objectives you want to achieve. We create the steps that should be taken to realise your goals.

Bid Strategy

Beginning with bid management, we help you determine the most cost-efficient way to make the most out of your PPC campaign.

Keyword Research

After the goals have been set, the most important part of the PPC campaign is the selection of the right keywords for your business type.

Ad Launch and Tracking

We launch your campaign and closely monitor its performance from Day 1 to ensure that everything is properly working.

Ad Copy

We create optimised ad copy for your ad titles, descriptions, display ads, and even specialised landing pages.


We check your conversion rates and identify areas that need to be improved like low performing keywords among others.

Campaign Structure

We plan to target your specific products, the audience to whom it will be displayed, set budgets, and organise these into a unified campaign.

Progress Reporting

We provide you with a comprehensive report that includes all the metrics relevant in gauging the success rate of your PPC campaign.

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