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With our free SEO audit, you can develop a stronger website and form a more solid marketing strategy. Our SEO services will determine weak points and address them to improve your site’s overall performance.

SEO Audit Tool Features

– Comprehensive review of your website’s current usability based on mobile friendliness, Google Analytics (for traffic tracking and analysis), and Page Speed Insights
– Recommendations on how to improve page load speed and response times
– Assessment of your site’s overall security (Includes malware detection and blacklist status)
– A full report on your site’s organic traffic performance and recommendations for improvements on technical, on-page, and off-page SEO
– Overview of paid traffic performance (estimated traffic, keywords detected, SEM vs SEO ratio)
– Review of existing social media channels (likes, follows, engagements)
– Recommendations around HTML tags: meta descriptions, alt tags, headings, title tags, etc.
– Printable SEO audit and web audit results (Save as PDF option available)
SEO Audit Report for Third Stage Marketing
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Our Free SEO Audit Will Help You Rank Higher On Google

Why is conducting an SEO site audit important?

The obvious reason is to know your website’s performance, what elements you need to optimise, and the opportunities you can capitalise on. An SEO site audit isn’t a ‘check it and leave it for later’ report. It builds the foundation of your SEO roadmap by providing you with:

– Insights on whether your current SEO efforts are effective or not
– Action points to include in the implementation of your SEO strategy
– Valuable information to set expectations and make informed decisions
– Recommendations to address technical on-page issues
– Data to compare your website’s previous and current performance

Plus, our SEO site audit tool is free, quick, and easy! Just enter your details and your website’s URL to generate your free SEO audit report.

An SEO audit can help you figure out what you’re doing wrong in your existing SEO. Using the free website audit report we generate, we can recommend which SEO services you need to focus on and which ones you can do without. We can improve your on-page SEO, boost your conversion rate, and improve user experience (UX) for your clients. We can also improve website load speed, get high-quality backlinks, and improve PPC conversions and your overall media marketing and management strategy.

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How Can SEO Services Australia Help You?

Although we are known as a professional SEO company in Australia, that isn’t the only thing we offer our clients. We also provide web development services, PPC services, and social media services. These SEO services point towards one goal: to boost your website’s visibility and establish your credibility as a brand.
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We tailor our SEO strategies to your goals and budget. We can help you connect with existing and potential local customers by utilising geo-targeted on-page and off-page optimisation services.

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Reach customers in time and turn clicks into conversions! We will develop and design your ads and make sure they get to the people who actually matter.

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We can create a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing website that will provide your users with the best online experience and get your branding across.

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In a highly connected world, social sharing is your word-of-mouth. We have social media marketing services that will convert your casual browsers into paying customers and existing customers into loyal brand advocates.

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Popularity is nothing without credibility. We can establish your brand’s reputation and protect your image as an industry leader with our reputation management services.

Our SEO Consulting Services are designed to suit the unique needs of your business and website. With several years of experience under our belts, we help e-commerce sites, and specialist niche websites flourish even in a highly competitive market.

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