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What Is Design Thinking in Digital Marketing?

These days in digital marketing, it’s not enough to have a very linear clear-cut way of thinking about users. And when you’re brainstorming, finding, and implementing new SEO marketing strategies, it can be difficult to justify spending time and resources towards a solution that may not even end up profitable.

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What Is a Lead in Digital Marketing?

No matter how many thousands of users end up on your business’ website, it’s important to remember that the endgame of SEO services is not to simply drive traffic to your website but to turn a profit from that traffic. To do that, a portion of that traffic either navigate

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SEO: An Important Partnership Between Man and Machine

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution in the 18th century, businesses have found profit in automating and mechanising everyday tasks. While the steam engine powered machines back then, today, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken its place by automating operations across industries that utilise technology. SEO is no different. Robots

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Secrets to SEO Client Retention

Most SEO providers, especially those that are just starting out, make the mistake of focusing solely on search engine rankings as the main metric when reporting progress to their clients. As the industry sharpens and grows more competitive, it is important to provide more than just figures — you need

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Making Your Company Understand and Prioritise SEO Marketing

SEO exists to boost brand awareness and customer acquisition. Today, SEO is a wide-scope discipline and a collaboration of marketers, writers, coders, and developers. This incorporation of skills and knowledge is what enables SEO to help increase revenue and be effective for a wide range of audiences. Depending on the

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Making Money Online: Top 10 Profitable Online Businesses

It’s 2020 and the world has no shortage of creative business ideas for those in the e-Commerce sector. With over 1.92 billion online shoppers, and for sure the numbers have gone up ever since the pandemic, online stores have a lot of potential buyers. This makes e-Commerce a worthwhile investment

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Blog

No one can fully understand the changing nature of SEO. With Google’s constantly changing algorithms and updates, it seems that brands and marketers are forever trying to grasp the enigmatic gameplay of rankings and online traffic. With all the social media strategies and PPC campaigns available, sometimes we forget one

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How to Leverage SEO Services During Off-Season

Whether you own a swimming pool construction or cleaning business, a costume store, or a Christmas tree shop, you have probably experienced the challenges of the dreaded off-season. Seasonal trends and changes affect all businesses at one point or another, but those who sell products that align with seasons are

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