What is SEO?

Plus Other Frequently Asked Questions!

Whether you’re switching to a career in SEO or an entrepreneur hoping to improve your website’s performance on your own, we’re pretty sure your journey comes with a lot of questions.

Finding the answers to your questions might be a daunting task too since it’s not uncommon to find several resources online with contradicting answers. It also doesn’t help that Google’s algorithms change often, so while certain updates are necessary, it makes sticking to a single tactic difficult though not impossible.

Despite these changes that make using the same best practices over and over again impractical and ineffective, there is still SEO information that remains the same no matter how much the algorithms change, and we’re here to present and explain them to you. Read on to get the answers to the most common SEO questions online:

We’re Here to Help!

These are just some of the most common SEO FAQs you can find online. This isn’t a comprehensive list, so if you want to develop your skills, we have one solid piece of advice for you – NEVER STOP LEARNING. If you have questions, we’re here to answer them! Don’t be afraid to ask because a huge part of your success lies in your in-depth understanding of SEO.

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