3C-ELS: Three Simple yet Highly Rewarding Ways to Boost Local SEO

Local SEO has been the ticket for thousands of small businesses who want to establish a solid online presence in their respective niches. I’ve seen a lot of companies that were able to attain online success and I believe everyone can do the same.

I want to share a few things I learned from my many years of experience in SEO. For this post I’m talking about local SEO in particular.

Here are simple yet really effective ways to boost your local SEO. I call them the Three C’s to Effective Local SEO or simply, 3C-ELS.

1. Create content for local customers

When creating website content, you need to use a language your target audience is most familiar with. Readers, especially internet users, are sensitive to local slang and dialects. You have to keep in mind that most customers would likely trust a local shop or service provider than a business based in a different location. And talking their talk is a way to win their trust. Thus, if you’re targeting Perth, it doesn’t make sense to write and sound like a New Yorker. I notice this is a common mistake in many Australian websites today.

2. Choose the right keywords

The choice of keywords is crucial. Always remember that the best keywords are those that effectively represent your product or service, and highly relevant to what your business is about. What I usually do is I think like a searcher, which is a great way to anticipate the words they would use when making an online search. Keyword research and a bit of common sense will help you choose the most effective words and phrases to use.

3. Check local traffic patterns

It also pays to know where and how often your content is shown in search results. One way to check this is by using Google Analytic, which I always find very helpful. Knowing these things will help you realise the strong and weak points of your local SEO strategy. This way, you will know which area to keep up with and which needs major boosting.

These steps might sound like a no-brainer for many already practising SEO. But these are also the aspects typically ignored by those only starting their online marketing campaigns.

I’ve seen big businesses with big marketing budgets that would typically rank in Google for generic keywords, but which are, in many instances, not relevant to their brand. For instance, if you keyed in “window cleaning” in the past, there would be a listing of providers that just went for one keyword. The search results would be dominated by big brands offering Australia-wide services, but not targeting any particular location. The story is much different now; Google knows the locations of the searchers. It now favours local businesses using localised keywords, such as “window cleaning Brisbane” for example. Why? Simply because the results are much more beneficial and relevant to the users.


So there you go, boosting your local SEO is much easier than you may expect. As long as you know what matters to your target market, you will be able to create a highly effective local SEO campaign.

Targeting the local searchers can make a huge difference on your website’s rankings, so bring that change to your online campaign. These tips will help you with your own digital marketing endeavour.

SEO Services Australia will provide you with 3C-ELS strategies to make sure your local SEO campaign will be a success.

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