Content Types Revolutionising the Face of Digital Marketing

Content is king —especially in the world of digital marketing.

Digital marketers do not underestimate the power of quality content. Due to the current march of technological progress, content manages to continuously develop since its humble beginnings. Today’s content demands more than a 300-word post complete with stock photos or GIFs.

To raise your rank online, your content should stand above the rest.

Do not settle for the traditional method of content creation. Join the current content revolution by getting to know these content types that revolutionised digital marketing.


Some sceptics would like to believe that infographics remain irrelevant to digital marketing efforts. On the contrary, well-designed infographics are thriving essentials to any content marketing strategy. This visual content proves to be an effective method in providing information at a glance.

Infographics are also highly shareable and more interesting compared to typical blog posts. It is also capable of attracting attention with a mix of numbers, words and visual images. Also, when influential personalities link to your infographics from their websites, you attract more audiences to your own site.


Gifographics take infographics to the next level by using GIFs, rather than static images, to convey information.  Animated infographics were unknown during its humble beginnings until business marketer Neil Matel used gifographics to promote.

Gifographics add interest to the data placed by marketers and also save the viewer time that would otherwise go to long explanations. This type of visual infographics also provides an entertaining way for users to learn a complicated subject.


Content does not only mean writing, blog posts or graphics. Today’s consumers also find interest in an audio-form of content known as podcasting. Podcasts come with the recording and playing options, allowing users to take a break from the content as they please. This type of content is convenient for users and offers valuable information.

Content’s current trend leans toward the goal of building closer engagements with potential clients. When you think outside the box, you get ahead of everyone in the game of digital marketing. With the help of SEO Services Australia, you can have content that hooks your readers and encourages them to share it with friends.

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