First Look on Google’s New Mobile Search Carousel

According to a recent announcement made by Google, “Whether you are looking for Pinterest pins, Vines, Houzz idea books or Food Network recipes, you can now browse through more content from your favourite websites within Google search results on your mobile device.”

As your leading provider of SEO services, we want to look at this change in Google’s mobile search results and try to understand how it is going to affect the search landscape and look at the ways we can use this announcement to our advantage—or if we can.

Better Than Organic?

man browsing through Google's Carousel using a mobile phone

Content from Pinterest, Vines, Houzz, or any of the searchers’ “favourite” websites will appear in a carousel, enabling searchers to simply swipe through and tap whichever search result they find interesting.

Analysts are saying this new mobile search carousel will do better compared to the previously plain organic listings. Instead of going through each of the items in the organic listings, users are more likely to click on one of the results they find in the more convenient carousel.

Who Ends Up in the Carousel?

The announcement is still fresh and Google has not dropped any specifics about the algorithm yet. We cannot tell yet how they are planning to determine which content shows up in the carousel. The algorithm could be similar to organic listings, or they could hand select from a limited number of sources.

Whichever way they are planning to drive this update, it is a major change that everyone needs to take seriously and learn more about. The curiously vague announcement could hit content creators ranking for terms that trigger the new carousel or it could push up some brands struggling for air.

During times like this, it is smartest to consult with SEO experts to help you devise a plan that will keep things foolproof, if not completely prevent organic mobile traffic decline, should Google decide to drop the specifics to this change in the mobile search landscape.

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