How Social Media Services Can Gain You More Facebook Likes


It’s a fact: Facebook is here to stay.

Social media is a powerful tool in online marketing, bearing a great influence over millions of users. Facebook reigns supreme in the race of social media sites, which is why it plays a significant role in online marketing.

With over 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook is an effective platform for businesses of all types. This social media tycoon is also the best tool for developing your brand. Because of its numerous users, Facebook is an effective means to get in touch with potential customers.

That is if you can get them to Like your page first.

What’s in a Like?

Facebook ‘Likes’ serve as indicators of a business’s performance on the social media site and it’s also a clear indicator of the success of their social media marketing. When users like a page, it ends up on their newsfeed. Their friends will see it and end up visiting the brand’s page, encouraging more likes, and spreading the word about the business.

Here are the top reasons why businesses and providers of social media services try their best to garner more likes for their branded pages:

Building a fan base

Facebook Likes allow businesses to turn fans into loyal customers. Every like from a user signifies positive feedback from potential clients. With Facebook pages, the business grows its own community of loyal fans. Brands can use these pages to post relevant content involving their products or services. Within that small community, businesses can reach others through likes.

Establishing trust through likes

Likes are evidence of a user’s trust. When a brand’s Facebook page gathers numerous likes, this shows other users that the business is trusted. Likes serve as positive feedback and reviews regarding a brand’s product or services. Getting more likes establishes a good reputation online.

Build better customer interaction

Facebook likes serve as bridges towards better customer interaction. When users like a brand’s page, they can give feedback and comments, which are beneficial for businesses. Brands can also update users with future events and discounts.

Increasing traffic to a brand’s site

Businesses display social sharing options and widgets on their site for easier Facebook posting and sharing. Once a user shares the link, it passes by newsfeeds, which drives massive traffic towards a brand’s site.

How to Leverage Social Media Services to Get More ‘Likes’

Want to build a loyal audience on Facebook and turn prospects into qualified leads? Social media services can definitely help you gain organic traffic and nurture leads into customers, but you actually have to get users to Like your page first.

Here are a few pointers to get more Facebook likes on your brand’s page.

Fill out your page with searchable information

To grow your number of Facebook likes, each section of your page should include relevant, helpful, and most importantly, searchable content. Remember: All of your page’s content will be indexed by search engines so if you want to attract more people to your page, it needs to be searchable.

This doesn’t mean that your social media management team should stuff your page with keywords. What you can do is optimize each section with relevant keywords that are appropriate for your business.

For instance, make sure the About Us section includes:

  • An overview of your products and services
  • A link to your website
  • Additional information to help prospects have a better understanding of the nature of your business

Include ‘Like’ boxes on your website and blog

To make sure your Facebook page discoverable, promote its presence on other marketing channels, and remove any barriers for people to like your page. If you own a blog or website, use the various social plugins on Facebook that lets website visitors ‘Like’ your page without leaving the site.

To implement a ‘Like Box,’ you can visit the Like Box development page and customise your own button. Then, generate the code and embed it on your blog, website, or wherever else you want it to appear.

Include your Facebook page on offline communication channels

Do you have a physical storefront? Encourage patrons to become your fans on Facebook. It can be anything as simple as including your Facebook URL on receipts or running a promotion where customers who Like your page on the spot will receive a 5% discount on their purchase.

Don’t forget to include your Facebook page’s link on printed ads, coupons, business cards, flyers, catalogs, and direct mail assets. There’s no harm in marketing your business and promoting your page through offline tactics. After all, you want to reap all the benefits that you can get from investing in social media services.

Invite existing contacts and employees to Like your page

Whether in person, via Facebook, or via email, as your friends, family, employees, and other connections to become Facebook fans of your brand. Ask them to like the official Facebook page and encourage them to share its link. They can help build the initial numbers and also encourage their connections to check out your page.

Expand your reach with Facebook ads

Growing your page’s Likes the organic way is the goal of any social media marketing plan as it’s the best way to drive engagement and convert prospects into customers. However, if you have the budget for it, you can further boost the hard work you’re already putting in by incorporating paid advertising into your Facebook strategy.

Facebook has a type of ad called ‘Page Like Ad,’ which contains a CTA suggesting users to like your page. These ads can appear either in the ad column or directly in the user’s News Feeds.

Don’t forget to be active

Getting more likes on your Facebook page isn’t just about an initial push and profile optimisation. To steadily grow the numbers, you need to maintain an ongoing active presence.

Not only does this mean posting insightful, educational, and engaging content on a regular basis, but it also means interacting with your fans and monitoring your presence. Answer questions and reply to the comments on your page. Find, follow, and connect with others in your industry. Facilitate dialogue and make the audience feel like they play a big role in your brand. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a presence worth following.

Amplify Your Facebook Likes and Social Media Marketing Plan Today

Getting more likes and social shares on Facebook is important for every business. It’s a major source of traffic in almost every niche and an effective way to gain loyal customers.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities on growing your target market. Utilise Facebook’s Like feature by improving your online page. At SEO Services, we help you do just that.

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