How to Rank High in SERPs During Off-Season

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Whether you own a swimming pool construction or cleaning business, a costume store, or a Christmas tree shop, you have probably experienced the challenges of the dreaded off-season. Seasonal trends and changes affect all businesses at one point or another, but those who sell products that align with seasons are affected the most.

After your peak season ends, you likely experience a stretch of slow business for weeks on end, and your storefront (and your website) becomes a ghost town. On top of that, who says your last peak season customers will remember you when the time of the year finally rolls around?

It is discouraging, but don’t let the low season get the best of you. The following tips—and our help, of course—can get a site back in the highest possible position in the SERPs even if it’s not your time of the year.

Plan Your Campaigns Early

Timing will always be everything for seasonal businesses. Plan well in advance, and focus your planning efforts on social media. Think about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as your virtual year-round storefront. Use the social media to offer special discounts, publish testimonials, share content, or run contests to generate interest even during low season.

Grow Your Database During Peak Season

During peak season, business will surely be booming. Grab the opportunity to grow your database while business is thriving and everyone is still around. Build a list of past clients and people who are interested in your products. They might not be too helpful come low season, but during your next peak, you can easily convert new leads into customers.

Continue to Create Content—but Introduce Timely Changes

Low season or not, it’s still important to produce brilliant content. Change things up a little, though; for instance, if you run a melon farm, winter months can be tough. However, you can still create and share engaging content such as making a healthy smoothie with frozen melons or a recipe guide that can make frozen melons taste better.

Just because your potential customers cannot use your products right this moment does not mean they would not benefit from the information you give eventually. If you can do it, you will build relationships that will last whatever the season is.

Joining the search volume trend is incredibly hard, but they can also be extremely rewarding.

Fortunately, with the help of the experts at SEO Services Australia, you can gain a huge lead over your competitors even during low season.

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