Rethinking Your Facebook Marketing Strategy with These Statistics

Facebook have become so much more than just a social media site. The website, and the company itself, started rivalling Google as one of the biggest Internet companies. One of their biggest advantages is they made Facebook a business-friendly site with user-friendly features.

If you’ve been conducting Facebook marketing campaigns, you might have faced the conundrum of trying to attract more users to your site. With the help of an SEO company, this task would be much easier as you have experts who work on your behalf. Nonetheless, you will still have to do critical work yourself if you want your Facebook page to grow in popularity.

Here are some statistics that could prompt you to rethink your Facebook marketing strategy:

1. Photos = 39% More Interaction

In the image-wild world of Internet, visual displays currently dominate the trend. You only have to look at the rise of image-based content, image-hosting websites and the number of users who post pictures. Additionally, it gets 50% more likes, 100% more comments and 84% more click throughs.

2. Emoticons = 33% More Comments

Emoticons aren’t just for young people, and the way companies focus on having their own emoticons might convince you to use it more. Apart from surge in comments, it makes a post more likeable and shareable. If there’s anything you want your posts to be, it’s those two.

3. Questions = 100% More Comments

If you post for comments, nothing gets more feedback than questions. Although beware of the downside: it gets fewer likes and shares than other types of posts. The most effective types of enquiries start with “should,” “would,” “which,” “who” and “when.”

4. Contests = 35% More Facebook Fans

You can’t really expect people to start liking your page for no reason. Apart from people who actually like your product, you must find ways of getting more people to like your page. Contests, for one, surge interaction and likes especially if you make it a requirement.

5. Shorter Posts = 23% More Interaction

Don’t expect people to use their precious personal time to read a 300-word post. In turn, expect them to read something short and straightforward. As you’re on Facebook, consider posting below or at 250 characters. You get 60% more engagement, whether by comments, likes or shares.

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