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Responsive Websites: SEO Advantages

With the advent of smartphones, mobile internet usage has become more and more common. In fact, according to a survey, 89% of Millennials and 66% of Baby Boomers use their smartphones to access the internet. They report that they do this more often than they used to, but in shorter

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Online review and rating of small business

Increase Traffic and Conversion with Expert Social Proof

At a time where public opinion and reviews are more trusted than advertisements, more businesses are integrating the concept of social proof into their online marketing strategy. Having some form of social proof evident on a website ‒ be it testimonials, reviews or social media followers ‒ has been found

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4 Ways A Mobile Website Can Boost Your Business

The simple truths are websites that are not mobile-friendly kill sales. An increasing number of consumers are now using mobile devices to search, communicate, buy and get their entertainment fix. If you are still fence-sitting about a mobile website, you are likely missing out on higher traffic and conversion. With

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Is Poor Design to Blame for Your Bounce Rate?

You invest a great deal of time, effort, and resources into driving more traffic to your website. The last thing you want is for visitors to leave without even looking at other pages or converting. But this is exactly what happens in many websites; a high bounce rate means that

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How Web Design Influences Customer Behaviour

Conversion is not a game of chance. If a website visitor decides to sign up for your mailing list or adds a product to their shopping cart, something prompted them to do that. This is usually your website copy, but web design plays a much bigger role in user behaviour

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Why the Design of Your Web Matters

The first thing that probably pops in your mind when you think of web design is making your site look attractive and cool to your regular viewers and visitors. Whilst this does play a part in attracting views and clicks, did you know that how your website looks and how

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The Big Change: Things to Consider for Website Redesign

There will surely come a time when you will need to revamp your site and leave the old things behind. Usually, this happens when a business is rebranding. But do you have to wait for that moment before you consider redesigning your site? A website redesign is akin to improving

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