3 SEO Takeaways from 2014’s Top Searches

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other organisations are coming out with their list of 2014’s top searches. It lists everything from the top news, celebrities, tech, and information people searched for. Understanding why users are obsessed with a particular topic isn’t always easy, but it is very helpful in improving your marketing strategy.

Being one who’s always ready to adapt to the industry and client needs, we thought we’d share some insights and lessons we got from this year’s top searches. Use this to come up with a solid marketing strategy that’ll take you into 2015 ready to succeed.

1. Mobile is no Longer an Afterthought

Mobile browsing is no longer something you can ignore, especially as most users search for information using mobile devices. Google even sees its importance, with the recent addition of a “mobile-friendly” tag in their search results.

Whether it was about finding information on Ebola, Frozen, or the iPhone 6 Plus, users are looking for convenience, and mobile-friendly sites are key to providing it.

2. Great Content is Always Worth the Investment

Google algorithm updates aside, great content is an investment that paid off big time for marketers, businesses, and organisations. Everyone wrote stories about MH370, the late Robin Williams, the Sochi Olympics and other important events. Many of us, however, shared only the content that we loved, touched our hearts, and gave us the information we need.

Whether it was for information, transaction, or just interaction, great content is something users will always want to read, and will add value to any site and brand.

3. Social Media and Relevancy in the Moment

Social media is a top influencer in consumer behaviour, and its ability to be relevant in almost all top moments of 2014 makes it an important part of any digital marketing strategy. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the World Cup, the iPhone 6 Plus and other top searches and events all enjoyed extensive exposure and positive impact from social media.

Social media marketing is something businesses and marketers should then focus on, especially if they want to engage new customers. And an effective strategy starts with social listening.

Whether you’ve had a great year, or one you’d rather leave behind, there are always lessons to be learned and improvements to be made. The key is to know the improvements and execute them properly.

At SEO Services Australia, we work to make this happen. Partner with us and get the reliable SEO services you need to succeed in 2015.

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