Adding Social Media to Your Local SEO Strategy

By now, many brands with local SEO campaigns know how important business listings and online directories are. These are essentially the lifeline of their marketing efforts. If you still do not have them in your battle plan yet, we recommend consulting our local SEO professionals immediately.

This does not mean, however, that you should leave all the work to the web crawlers. Local SEO is ever-changing and continues to develop. The way things are going right now, there are factors you need to consider including in your strategies – one of these is effective use of social media streams.

Measuring Trust

Small businesses thrive in high customer loyalty and trust. Especially when clients express their approval of your products or services online, other people are more likely to take notice of your brand. But some review sites are littered with hard-to-believe comments and suggestions. If you want to have authentic feedback, social media is your best source.

While trustworthiness cannot be exactly measured in numbers, social signals give a good estimate. The number of likes, shares, and views on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ lets you have a good picture of how well your strategies are working.

One Step Ahead

What makes working with social media for your local SEO campaign is that lets you have a step ahead. Sites like Google+ and Facebook have pages designed for businesses. You can include physical addresses, contact numbers, and store location maps. This means when a user looks up a particular product or service, there is a huge chance of them stumbling upon your page. As every piece of information they need is already listed in your social profile, you convert potential leads to sales without lifting a finger.

A Reputation to Maintain

Social media has inherent disadvantages too, but not without effective solutions. For one, your online reputation can easily go haywire due to an overlooked incident. This is why you need us to manage your campaign while you focus on other matters in your business demanding your immediate attention. In the changing world of SEO, your brand reputation is the surest thing you can hold on to as you connect with your target market.

Local SEO and the social media landscape are both evolving. In the future, you will have more options and better measures to boost your sales. But it is best to have a good handle on them as early as now. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you with our SEO services.

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