Does a Video Blog Suit Your Business?

Video blogging is no longer limited to expressing one’s personal feelings and opinions. It’s now a highly efficient means to increase a business’s web presence and attract more customers. Creating and posting videos online will help your business achieve many goals that might not be possible through other forms of media.

Video blog, video log, or vlog – whatever you call it, video marketing can make a huge difference in your business. But how do you know if a video blog is suitable for you? If you have this same question in mind, the following points will give you the answer.


For Company Updates

If you run a large-scale business and you need an efficient way to provide updates to your shareholders, employees, and even clients, then video blogging might be just what you need. You can create and distribute video news releases or post video messages on your company’s internal sites for employees or partners to see. This way, you can keep them updated on a new project, a new product line, or maybe announce an achievement or milestone.

For Industry News

Key players in industries will also find benefits from video blogging. Through video logs, they can provide information relevant to their sectors, establishing their reputation as industry frontrunners. Similar businesses and customers can benefit from news and articles that concern their interests. Other than providing useful information, video blogging is also a good way to increase a company’s significance in the industry.

For Customer Instructions

How-to videos are highly useful for customers. This is particularly true in the case of businesses selling machines and gadgets. Posting instructional videos on your website or other video sharing sites like YouTube will help your buyers know how to use or operate the product efficiently. Consumers are becoming more tech-savvy today and they’re finding easier and more convenient means to get the information they need. Bringing informational videos at their fingertips will significantly promote your business or brand.

For Customers’ Interests

Businesses should also value the interests and passions of their customers. Just like typical blogs, video blogs, should also cater to the needs of the buyers. For instance, if you’re a distributor of arts and craft supplies, you can post instructional videos that will give them new ideas for their future projects.


Video blogs allow you to create a more personal image for your business. Through regular posting of quality, informational video blogs, you’re giving your website more quality content. Customer engagement is easily achieved when you give them reasons to look forward to your next blog post.

The most important aspect of video blogging is it provides your business with a human touch. This builds strong relationship with customers. Video blogs will also make your content more interesting and compelling, which are qualities that drive in more potential site visitors. Simple text-based blogs may seem dry and plain, but integrating elements, such as videos and animation, can change how visitors see them. While some people prefer reading, others want to go for the more visual option.

You can use video blogs as an invitation for your readers to interact with you, and with excellent marketing strategies, you can successfully turn them into buying customers. With the help of social media and other innovative online marketing strategies, you can reach an incredible number of potential customers through your video blogs.

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