How will an Outdated Reputation Strategy Cost You?

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It’s time to improve your online reputation management strategy or suffer the consequences. While the search world keeps changing, most businesses still employ the same strategies with diminishing returns. If you aren’t changing your strategy to stay current with the latest SEO trends, then get ready for some headaches.

Ecommerce SEO Strategies

Here are some reasons you need to update and improve your strategy now:

The Mobile Surge

Many digital marketing experts agree that 2013 is the year of mobile. More than half of the population is using smart phones and other wireless devices to access the Internet. This means more users are utilising mobile devices to look for company names and create reviews and other content in a hurry. Google has begun optimising results for content that’s mobile friendly. You need to be more vigilant about online reviews affecting brand-targeted searches, and get on the mobile bandwagon.

The Rise of Social

Social needs to be part of any marketing strategy and is important to successful reputation management. Social profiles eat space in the Google results, strengthening your company’s online reputation. Google relies heavily on social signals to determine page rank. If your company isn’t using social at this point, it’s time to change. Secure profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google+.

The Google Curb

Since the Panda and Penguin updates, Google has been going after link spam and content farms much more aggressively. Not only are their algorithms getting more complicated, but the search engine is releasing warnings and punishing sites that don’t adhere to their guidelines for quality websites. If your reputation management strategy has used arguable tactics, it’s time to update it to avoid penalties that could leave your site open to attack.

It’s do or die. If you don’t manage your online reputation now, then it will haunt you in the future. It’s either you proactively control it, or allow it to do the same.

Get help from us and we’ll make sure your business gets the good reputation it deserves.

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