Increasing a Site’s SERP Visibility

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Ways to Increase Your Site’s SERP Visibility

Search engine results page visibility has always been the key to e-commerce. Users will rarely bother to go through the motions of going through pages 2 and beyond when looking for the things they need on the Internet. It is for this reason that marketers need to come up with ways to read up on Google’s algorithm changes and adapt to them.

Here are ways to increase your site’s SERP:

  • Adjust the Home Page Title – It is a basic tenet of advertising ,yet businesses commonly neglect to do so. It is a simple task that is costly when taken for granted.
  • Make a Sales Proposition – Your meta description should contain a brief text containing attractive sales pitches like “free shipping” and the like.
  • Change Snippets – Make them appropriate for the season and watch your rank get higher.
  • Add Photos and Videos – Google and Bing generally like to lift images and videos right up to the first page. Make the most of it.

A New Player in the Game

Only last week, web development consultant Jan Moesen noticed that Apple is running a web crawler. It was written in the programming language Go and has led to speculations that Apple would soon be releasing its own search engine, believed to be slated for 2015. Companies the world over will have to keep them in mind in addition to the strategies they already employ to increase SERP visibility.

While everything is purely speculation thus far, it pays to be prepared for the upcoming changes should this new search engine come into fruition, instead of being caught blindsided and unprepared for the coming changes and its subsequent effects. On the other hand, we may just be worried over nothing at all. Until we hear from Apple, there really is no solid ground to gain a firm footing on.

By adjusting your strategy to accommodate these changes, you will see quick results in SERP. Feel free to get in touch with our team to map out your digital marketing strategy today. At SEO Services Australia, we provide consistent results across different industries.

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