Secrets to SEO Client Retention

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Most SEO providers, especially those that are just starting out, make the mistake of focusing solely on search engine rankings as the main metric when reporting progress to their clients. As the industry sharpens and grows more competitive, it is important to provide more than just figures — you need to give your clients actual value.

How do they perceive the value of services you provide? This is something you need to understand; if you can show clients how both organic and paid search marketing campaigns are leading to increased leads (and then go further by illustrating the value of those sales and leads), your clients will never have reason to leave.

Custom and Curated Reports

One of your biggest goals as an SEO provider is to report all efforts properly and efficiently. It is so much more than simply sending them an automated ranking report without any sort of insight on how it affects lead generation or conversion. That is not proper value.

Provide your clients with information that impacts their business. Do not let them laboriously go through traffic analysis or search engine rankings. Give them a custom report that details business goals; one that curates exactly what they need to know in a precise and succinct manner.

Actual Numbers and Value

If you are only reporting traffic data to your clients, you could potentially be providing them a disservice by not truthfully disclosing what the numbers actually mean. Think of it this way: if your client’s website gets hit with spam bot traffic that skews traffic data, are you going to tell them?

Are you providing them real value if all you’re going to report to them is traffic? Be liberal in the ways you disclose important numbers. Providing them with accurate numbers will create a sense of trust and a stronger bond between you and your client.


SEO is still expanding, and the variety of clients you are going to meet will expand, too. You are going to have clients who will be fine with periodic emails and you’re going to have some who want constant phone calls and face-to-face-meetings.

Build a communication strategy that clients will find amicable and efficient. As your leading provider of SEO services in the region, we know how valuable communication is in building stronger relationships.

We send clients reports with numbers that truly matter not only in terms of their business goals, but to their perception of the industry as a whole. Contact us today and discover greater value.

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