SEO Stars – Which Influential SEO Personalities Should You Be Following?

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If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in search engine optimisation (SEO), then it pays to follow influential top SEO personalities. Whether they are industry insiders, thought leaders or agency professionals, these SEO experts bring a wealth of knowledge and unique insights that can help inform and improve your SEO efforts.

But who should you be following? To help answer that question, here is our list of influential SEO personalities that you should consider adding to your list:

1.  John Mueller – Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google

John Mueller is an influential SEO personality who has been with Google since 2011, providing helpful advice on how to increase visibility and rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). John’s knowledge is particularly valuable because he personally works with the algorithms responsible for ranking websites.

As a result, his insights carry weight when it comes to understanding what makes a website successful in the SERP. With over 100,000 followers on Twitter and 474k subscribers on YouTube, John is one of the most popular SEO personalities to follow.

2. Neil Patel – Co-Founder at Neil Patel Digital

Neil Patel is a well-known entrepreneur, investor, and digital marketing expert. He is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. Neil has also founded two successful online marketing companies and blogs about search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, analytics and conversion optimisation. His blog provides valuable advice on how to get the most out of SEO efforts and how to maximise website visibility in search results.

Neil is also a New York Times bestselling author and was referred to as a top web influencer by no less than the Wall Street Journal.

3. Rand Fishkin – Wrote “The Art Of SEO”

Rand Fishkin is an SEO guru and the founder of Moz, which develops marketing analytics software for businesses and individual marketers. He also wrote “The Art of SEO” and is a sought-after speaker and consultant on the topic. Follow Rand Fishkin for not only actionable tips on optimising your website, but also his unique perspective on the ever-changing search engine landscape.

4. Danny Sullivan – Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Land

Danny Sullivan has been covering the search industry since it began in 1996. He is currently the editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, one of the most authoritative websites on all things related to search engines. If you want to stay up-to-date with emerging trends in SEO, then be sure to follow Danny Sullivan for news about Google updates, algorithm changes, and more.

5. Eric Enge – CEO of Stone Temple Consulting

Eric Enge is the CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, a digital marketing agency specialising in SEO. He’s one of the best SEO consultants in the industry and a well-known speaker at industry events. He has been featured on sites like Forbes, Search Engine Land and The Wall Street Journal. Follow him for strategic advice and proven tactics you can use to improve your search engine rankings.

6. Bill Slawski – Director Of SEO Research At Go Fish Digital

Bill Slawski is one of the industry’s top search engine optimisation experts and the director of SEO research at the digital marketing agency Go Fish Digital. He specialises in researching patents related to search engines and is widely regarded as one of the leading experts on Google’s algorithms. If you want to gain insight into what Google may be up to, then Bill Slawski is the guy to follow.

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7. Barry Schwartz – Editor-in-Chief Of Search Engine Roundtable 

Barry Schwartz is the editor-in-chief of Search Engine Roundtable and a frequent contributor to sites like Marketing Land and Search Engine Watch. His blog has become one of the go-to sources for industry news and analysis on search engine trends. He’s one of the top SEO professionals to follow for up-to-date news about Google updates and algorithm changes.

8. Cyrus Shepard – Senior SEO Strategist At Moz 

Cyrus Shepard is a senior SEO strategist at Moz and a regular speaker at industry events. He’s widely regarded as one of the top top SEOs versed in link building, onsite optimisation, local SEO, and more. Follow him for his insights on all things related to SEO.

9. Michael King – Director Of Inbound Marketing At iAcquire 

Michael King is the director of inbound marketing at the digital agency iAcquire. He’s a frequent contributor to sites like Search Engine Land and is a popular speaker at industry conferences. Follow him for strategies you can use to optimise your site for maximum visibility and rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

10. Maile Ohye – Developer Programs Tech Lead At Google

Maile Ohye is the developer programs tech lead at Google and an expert on website optimisation best practices. She frequently speaks at major industry events and provides actionable advice that can help you improve your website’s search engine rankings. Follow her for advice on how to optimise your site for Google’s algorithms.

11. Aleyda Solis – International SEO Consultant

Aleyda Solis is an international SEO consultant and digital marketing speaker known for providing strategic insights into the organic search landscape. She has appeared in popular publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Search Engine Watch, and The Wall Street Journal. Follow her for actionable advice about optimising websites globally.

12. Danny Dover – Co-Founder Of Skillcrush

Danny Dover is the co-founder of Skillcrush, a platform that teaches people technical skills online. He also writes extensively about search engine optimisation topics, often sharing his own experiences and insights. Follow him for tutorials that will help you get the most out of local SEO services and your SEO efforts.

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Stay Updated on the Latest SEO Trends and Updates!

If you want to stay abreast of the latest developments in search engine optimisation (SEO), then consider following these industry experts. From Google updates and algorithm changes to website optimisation best practices, they’ll provide you with actionable advice that can help you get more organic traffic and rankings in search engine results pages.

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