Compelling CTAs: Convert Bounces Into Leads

man holding a card with text that says Call to Action

Black thin line call to action concept.People visit your website because they are interested in what you have to offer. But not all visitors are willing to be converted into customers – at least not the first time.

Those who do not reach the check-out page or at least sift through the pages of your site, for some reason, are just not motivated enough at the moment to shell out some cash or learn more about your product or service. Instead of just letting them go, why not convert them into leads?

One way to inspire these visitors to return to your site is through pay-per-click and email marketing. But before you can even launch an email marketing campaign, you need to set up a mailing list.

This is where an effective call-to-action (CTA) comes in. While your ultimate goal is still to sell, a good call-to-action works to add a significant number of email addresses to your database. This helps you re-capture visitors who have “bounced” from your website the first time.

Here are the elements that you should keep in mind when creating CTAs that convert:

1. The Hook

Visitors who come to your site to look around but without any intention of buying have no real reason to hang around, all the more leave their email address behind. To catch your leads, you need a hook.

A hook is an enticing offer that your prospects will find difficult to resist. It could be a free product trial or a huge discount on their next visit, anything that is valuable enough to make them agree to give you their e-mail address.

2. The Copy

Think of your CTA as a product.

To make a product sell online, it needs good copy. In the same way, an effective CTA copy can urge people to submit their email ID to you.

CTAs that convert start with a catchy title. If your title piques your audience’s interest, they are more likely to look at the rest of your CTA.

Next is the actual description. Your description should say what your hook is about. It should clearly show the value your prospects can get from your offer. When writing your CTA copy, answer the question, “what’s in it for me?”

The last part is the real call-to-action. This part works like the ‘Buy Now’ button. But instead of checking out the items in their cart (which they don’t have at this point), you ask them to enter their e-mail in return for an eBook, a case study, or a discount coupon.

Your entire CTA should work to pre-empt and address reservations to get people’s buy-in.

Don’t Let Customers Slip through the Cracks

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