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April was a very active month for SEO Services Australia. We talked to a lot of small businesses about how we can help them grow through digital marketing. Aside from winning several accounts in the past few months, we’ve also made friends along the way.

One of them is Jono, the fitness guru and brain behind Fitness Education Online, one of our esteemed clients. Aside from managing Australia’s #1 online fitness CEU course provider, Jono also heads the Fitness Education Online Podcast. The episodes tackle a wide range of fitness industry topics, from how to safely train clients with Parkinson’s to generating leads for an online fitness business.

Last March 29, Jono sat down with SEO Services Australia’s very own Business Development Manager Marc Bartolome for Episode 60, “How to Boost Your Fitness Business with Digital Marketing.” As a digital marketing consultant, growth strategist and self-proclaimed sleazy salesman, Marc was the perfect person for Jono to have a casual Q&A with about all things digital marketing.

The Importance of a Website for SMEs

The first part of the podcast tackled the value a website brings to SMEs, as opposed to simply relying on a Facebook or Instagram page to promote a brand’s products and services.

According to Marc, “While you do spot people and brands on social media, people rarely buy something on Facebook or LinkedIn. A buyer’s journey starts with search and search is overwhelmingly Google. Your Facebook page won’t be easily found on Google Search but if you have a website optimised with the right keywords, then that enables you to capture people who are in the purchase phase – they’re closer to signing up with your business.”

Marc cited an example. For instance, if someone searches on Google “personal trainer in North Ryde,” which is a very localised search, a website that offers those services in that area will end up on the search results – right in front of their target audience. With a website, there are just more opportunities for a business to be found instead of relying on social media.

Jono chimed in, “There are plenty of people searching ‘personal trainer near me’ on Google every day. If you’re not getting those phone calls and queries from people searching on Google, it’s your competitor who’s getting those leads through their website.”

Marc further stated that even if you have a fancy-looking website, it won’t climb up the rankings and get you the leads you deserve unless you have the right guidance and strategy from a digital marketing agency.

The Competitive Advantage of Partnering with an Agency

“Digital marketing isn’t rocket science, but it’s also not a one-person job,” Marc emphasised as they moved on with the conversation. “Behind me are 200 people: SEO specialists, writers, editors, web developers, Google Ads experts, and yes – other sleazy salesmen.”

There are some degrees of limited success that businesses can achieve when they do digital marketing on their own but in order to get a leg up over the competition, brands will really need to enlist the help of people. As part of SEO Services Australia’s mandate is to help small business owners take off with digital marketing, the first 10 listeners of the episode to submit their details get $200.00 AUD off any monthly SEO service fees for a YEAR. This is especially beneficial for those whose limited budget is keeping them from investing in digital marketing services.

Marc also mentioned that the initial consultation is free of charge. If ever you decide to do business with SEO Services Australia, the team will work around your budget to provide you with customised solutions that are effective yet affordable.

SEO: A Collaboration Between Brand and Agency

If there’s one thing Marc stressed about SEO during the podcast episode, it’s that teamwork makes the dream work. In other words, there’s no cookie-cutter solution to SEO, it’s all about collaborating with the client to get the best results.

“We get the input of the business owner first – what keywords they think are important to the business, what keywords their customers are searching, what keywords they care about. We then analyze their revenue and what their customers do with them. We also take a look at a client’s competitors – what are they ranking for, what is their website about?”

Marc explained to Jono. This is because at the end of the day, it’s the client’s business and website. Yes, the agency has expertise and experience, but any successful campaign starts and ends with a great partnership.

Google Ads: Turning Clicks into Conversions

Another aspect of digital marketing that Marc and Jono touched on in the podcast was Google Ads. While SEO is a waiting game, Google Ads lets you rank on the search engine as fast as tomorrow. But Marc pointed out that Google Ads isn’t about just ranking at the top of Google – it’s about making sure you generate high-quality traffic to your site.

“If you get traffic to your site, it will give you an understanding of how that traffic behaves on your site, and gives you information on how to optimise it. A good by-product is you also get leads.”

Similar to SEO, Google Ads also require keywords. And when you get traffic to a landing page, the landing page should be able to get you leads and conversions.

“Google Ads when done in conjunction with SEO is very powerful,” Marc stated. An integrated approach means that keyword and conversion data from PPC can be fed into SEO and brands can stay in front of visitors after an initial interaction via organic search. SEO and Google Ads, when working together, also targets users at all stages of the customer journey — from research to comparison to purchase.

SEO Services Australia: Enabling SMEs to Go Digital

Of course, this article only scrapes the surface of the entire hour-long podcast episode. The actual recording can be found in this link, where Marc and Jono talk about websites, Google, social media, and more! If you’re running a fitness business and you’ve been looking for a simple yet in-depth introduction to Digital Marketing and how it can move your business in the right direction, Jono and Marc are just the Fitness Guru and Nerd you’re looking for.

Remember, digital marketing is a full-time job. It’s best to have somebody to help you out because it’s going to save you money in the long run. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, don’t hesitate to connect with Marc on LinkedIn or contact SEO Services Australia to get a FREE digital marketing assessment and coaching session.

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