5 Major KPIs for On-Page Content

Great content is more than just a ranking factor. It shapes the customer’s opinion of your business, and can easily make the difference between a highly successful and a mediocre website. This is why it is important to constantly measure how well it is performing, so you can quickly correct any issue. But what exactly do you need to track?

1. Conversions – High conversion rates are the best sign that your content is performing well. Whether this is by filling out a form, purchasing a product, or downloading an eBook, turning visitors into business opportunities is the most important role of your content.

2. Engagement – Great content keeps people on a page, so you should be seeing low bounce rates and high time spent. When people leave early, this usually means that your content is boring, in poor format, or did not deliver on their expectations. For an even better understanding, you should use heatmap and click pattern tools to determine customer behaviour.

3. Visits – How many unique visitors are you getting every month? Are they exploring the rest of the website, or leaving after viewing a single page? The frequency of returning visitors is also important, as this indicates growing customer loyalty. You want all new content to increase both new and returning visits.

4. Rankings – One of the best reasons to improve page content is to achieve a higher ranking on search results for the relevant keywords, making it crucial for organic SEO. How has your page performed on Google after you changed the content? If the results are underwhelming, you may need to revisit your keyword density, linking, and Meta description.

5. Sentiment – Unless you have a Comments section on the page, it can be hard to track how positively a customer views your content. One way to do this is by measuring social shares; if your content is good enough for visitors to share with people they know, it shows that they find it valuable. This is also why you should improve the shareability of your pages, such as by installing a sharing widget.

With diligent tracking of these five KPIs, you can easily determine the weak points of your website’s content and make the necessary changes. Do you need assistance with overcoming content challenges? Give us a call and our team would be happy to help.

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