Google Launches New Ad Units, Says Mobile Surpassed Desktop Searches

All the effort you’ve been putting in making your website more mobile-friendly now has more chances of succeeding, as Google officially confirmed mobile searches have finally passed desktop.

Mobile Surpasses PC in Search

The search giant says there are now more searches done via mobile than on desktop PCs, confirming what many experts have predicted for years. In a blog post, the company said “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.”

Google, however, did not provide any details on what the other countries are, when the surpassing happened, or what the relative volumes of mobile and PC searches are now. The mobile queries analysed include mobile-browser based searches and those made through Google’s mobile search apps. The data likely includes smartphones only, as the search company classifies tablets under desktops.

New Ad Units

In the blog post, Google also announced they launched new ad units that will allow marketers to target ads and convert customers on mobile like never before.

A new cross-device conversion tracking, for example, will let marketers track users as they switch between desktop and mobile. This feature will be able to attribute revenue to ad spending based on which device customers end up making a purchase with.

The ad units feature completely new designs that are similar to other interactive ads tailored for mobile devices.

Certain ads will also be more functional on mobile searches. Advertisements in the automotive, hotel ads, and mortgages markets now make it easier for customers to book or buy. For hotel ads, for example, users can search for a hotel and book a room right from the ad unit.

The updates make for a richer, more engaging experience, as it is designed for screen-swipes instead of mouse clicks. Other updates and new features are detailed on Google’s Inside AdWords blog.

Reaching out to and engaging customers are the main purposes of the updates, which means having a mobile-friendly site, as well as a well-designed online marketing campaign, becomes all the more important. If you need help with a site redesign, search marketing, online marketing, organic SEO services to boost rankings, or other related services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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