Increase Your Sales: Why Investing in SEO is Necessary

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In 2017, 72 per cent of consumers in Australia asked their family and friends for recommendations before making a purchase. The following year, however, only 46 per cent did the same, while 49 per cent chose search engine recommendations.

Despite the shift in preference, a marketing report highlights the disconnection between the marketing investment and consumer behaviour. Only 28 per cent of marketers invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) and 25 per cent in search engine marketing (SEM) even though these channels help them reach their audience. But 54 per cent invest in social media, which influences only 25 per cent of consumers.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Having a website is not enough for your small business. It has to be optimised to improve your online visibility and help you reach a wider audience. Your site should not just introduce your business and provide relevant information; it should become a marketing machine so that you get qualified traffic, allowing you to increase your conversion rates and generate more income.

But SEO can be challenging for small companies because it often takes time and consistency to get results. You might not have adequate resources to devote to this marketing strategy. This is why you need help.

Whether you’re marketing to the whole of Australia or targeting only Melbourne, an SEO consulting firm is essential to making the most of opportunities. A digital marketing service also knows online trends that may affect your campaigns.

Algorithm changes, for instance, can knock you off a top spot or boost your ranking.

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SEO Practices to Focus On In 2019

Your audience and user intent are vital factors to consider for your SEO strategy in 2019. You should understand the expectations of your users when they search online and provide them with the answers they need in the simplest form possible. The interests, preferences and tastes of your audience also change over time, so your content should always adapt to them.

Google may reward you if your website delivers satisfaction to your users. Visitors may also choose you once you meet their expectations.

Your SEO strategy should also look beyond website ranking and work on ranking for other digital platforms, from apps to videos. Understanding where your audience goes and how they search can guide you in improving your strategy.

Quality content can also contribute to an SEO that delivers results. Google’s algorithm update rewards websites that deliver in-depth experiences to users. Expect to see more updates on this in the future, as the search engine giant continues to fine tune its algorithm.

Work with Experienced SEO Specialists

Investing in an aggressive marketing strategy can help you stand out among the established businesses in Melbourne. Although you can go it alone, working with experienced SEO specialists may mean better results through technical expertise and knowledge of what strategies work with which markets.

Our team at SEO Services Australia provides complete SEO and online marketing services that give your business an edge to get ahead of the competition. Our strategies are designed for your unique needs to generate leads and conversions.

We take the time to understand your business, your audience and competitors to craft tactics that deliver results.

Contact us today to learn more.

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