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A website does not simply get to the top of Google without investing on some creativity, and this is even apparent in online marketing. Your team may be constantly brainstorming and thinking of innovative ways to get in touch with your market online. Unfortunately, the World Wide Web is evolving faster than real-life. This means that the tricks and strategies that you used last year may not be as effective now.

So how do you attract more people to your online marketing campaign? Why not go viral and use some memes?

Memes and viral imagery

A meme is simply something that spreads through the Internet in a fast and almost viral rate; it could be an idea, an image or video, or even an inside joke that’s gotten too far and expanded towards a wider audience. Perhaps the most popular form of memes are image macros with amusing images and witty captions, but these can be hashtags, links, or an whole website.

One of the reasons you should invest on memes as social media content is that they are relatively easy to create and they spread fast. In fact, the reason simple image macros became so popular online is due to how simple it is to tweak an image and repurpose it to fit your target audience.

Humouring your audience

Viral videos and image macros were initially used to poke fun at certain people, situations, and events. The rather informal way (and sometimes intentionally misspelled words) these memes present themselves is one of the reasons it endears to a lot of people. Humour, after all, is one of the easiest ways to get a person’s attention.

If you are planning on adding a bit of humour to your online marketing campaign, it is important that you get to know your audience first. Place yourself in their shoes and think of what you (as a customer) would probably respond to when confronted with a something viral about your product.

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