So You Think You’re a Social Media Expert?

Almost everybody knows how to move around on social media. Because everybody uses it on an almost daily basis, it is easy to claim that someone is an “expert” in the field. Now that social media is an indispensable tool when it comes to digital marketing, it is important to sort out the pretenders from the experts.

Seeing as how important social media platforms are today in excelling in the competitive industry, it is important you work with people who can capitalise on and maximise the use of the said platform.Here are some details you can ask a potential candidate for your social media campaigns.

College Major

It might seem like something minor, but it always helps to look into the educational background of someone who claims to be a social media expert. While there might be exceptions to this, it can help you tell whether they have a professional-level English language and writing skills, which are necessary in handling social media.

Collaborative Environment

collaborative marketing

We all know social media is a collaborative marketing and communications function. A candidate with examples of how their ideas worked in collaborative environments is a sure expert. Listening skills, interpersonal skills and a deep understanding of group dynamics are also plus signs.

Graphic Design

graphic designer

Ask the candidate regarding their proficiency in certain graphic programs. Rate their skill levels and gauge whether they would be equipped to execute specific design needs or if they can teach how to do design. Social media is filled with graphics, both good and bad. An expert in social media should not only be collaborative, but creative, as well.

Public Relations

public relations

It does not have to be a position strictly attributed to public relations, but any involvement in set-ups or events that touches on the principles of public relations is a positive. Remember, to develop healthy relationships with the media takes a firm grasp on how the world of journalism operates.

Experience in Advertising


A candidate with experience in advertising will lend valuable insights and strategies to the social media team. It also goes to show they are not only “experts” in social media because they use it everyday, but that they have studied how the Internet works, and consequently, how to make money out of it.

It sounds tedious when sorting out the pretenders from the experts, but hear it from us, it is better to be meticulous than to regret your decision when you realise you have hired the wrong person. Consult with our team of seasoned consultants for any questions regarding the SEO industry.

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